Is it weird my boyfriend doesn't add me on fb?

He says he doesn't use it and hasn't touched it in a year. I found his fb because I wanted to know what his default was. (some people have funny defaults). It's an old photo and his hair hasn't been like that in a couple of months.

I don't mind it at all. If he doesn't use it then I can believe him right? Right. However my cousin says it's weird whenever I bring my boyfriend up to him. He says 'everyone uses fb' and 'as long as you have it, you use it. Doesn't matter if you do'n't use it use it..'

We met in spring and we didn't date till a couple of months after and doing the ldr right now because he moved back to his home town.

Is it really that weird we aren't fb friends?


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  • No, not weird. lol I actually know a couple who are really close to me.. they've been dating for over 6 years before they put it on Facebook, just because neither of them uses it. And they keep saying, "oh I should probably start using it because everyones on it.." but they just dont.

    If you trust him in all other ways, then believe him in this too.

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      He and you should be friends on Facebook even if you both or one of you does not use it that often. If your boyfriend has an account and you have it too, then you should be in his friend list. Ask him to add you normally. And if he refuses then there is something that he has got to hide from you.

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      I guess that makes sense, but if he honestly hasn't been on Facebook in over a year, I can see why he would see it to be pointless to sign on just to add you and then never use it again..