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Do you believe cats have humanlike emotions?

I read somewhere that they do, and I became convinced tonight when my cat acted so relieved to see me after I came home from my trip. She cried for a... Show More

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  • YESSSS I love cats because they are so smart and so passionate. Your cat was feeling exactly what you thought and my cat is very emotional and loving. You are good people :)

    • Thank you friend

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  • Yeah, they ignore you for the most part unless they want something -- just like women.

  • yea. my grandma has a cat and his emotions are really similar to that of a woman. is hard to explain but I kinda felt it that way

  • Well they have some emotions...

    They meow at higher pitches when they are happy to see you.

    My cat curls up next to me and climbs on me, they also experience anger and fear so yeah..

  • Meow.

    Ok, to answer your question, they likely could have human-like emotions. I have two cats.

  • Cats are d***s they think they are so much dam better than everyone and snooty little creatures

    • 2 old, single ladies must have downed this comment.

      Ur old, alone, and all you have are cats.

      The comment above was meant to be a joke. Lighten up old ladies

  • Their brains are not developed enough to respond to stimuli on a level comparable to that of humans. Simple as that. People's cute little anecdotes about Fido and Fluffy don't change it, either.

    • Or maybe their brains are? I've heard dogs that could basically talk before. My aunt had a dog that learned all of the names of the family members from them yelling them all the time and would bark out sounds that sounded like "Barbarra" "Ellen" and "Bob".

      Most animals just still have to deal with their animalistic instincts, because their species hasn't been bred or in captivity as long as the canine species.

    • Pets actually do learn the names of their family members! :) Some dogs can be trained to deliver notes, and they'll know what you mean when you tell them "take this to Mom." Just a fun fact!

    • Sigh.

  • I love cats.

  • i think that pets do sense emotional changes in their owner :)

  • Yes, their faces aren't as expressive as humans and can't think deeply about things like the nature of their own existence

    but getting excited, sad, angry, jealous etc.

  • not completely, in the sense that they try to protect their livelihood then yes

  • Mammals do.

    However, our pets are able to play on our emotions as well. They just had something like this on Nova not that long ago.

What Girls Said 10

  • Yes, they do. My dad grew up with cats. Altogether he had 6 or 7 before he met my mom (she doesn't like cats). He's said on many occasions that they each had their own distinct personalities and it was really fun to watch and see how different they all were.

  • Yeah..he's sleeping on me right now. And since he's been my little shadow for 11 years now it's super easy to read him. If anyone even peeks in my room he meows almost like a bark at them and gives them a gtfo look. And when I leave my room for over 10 minutes he'll come out and look for me then sit there and try to lead me back to my room. I've taught him what "no" "nuh uh" and "get down" mean. And when I was looking after a stray cat and her 6 kittens...I'm serious...I'd be in the laundry room with them for 15 minutes and he'd be outside the door and THROWING UP because he was so emotionally upset about me being with those other cats.

    My cat obviously has attachment issues.

    • hahaha @ throwing up

    • He's like a fluffy clingy boyfriend...

    • You don't need a boyfriend

  • Yes, I believe so :)

    My last cat was 18 years old when we had to put her to sleep. I've seen her go through so many human-like emotions ! Pride, remorse, love, fear, compassion... It was amazing to see her like this. When she did something wrong, she would know it, and she tried to hide or to be particularly nice to us hoping we'd soften for this time. We didn't have to punish her, she'd show remorse. She seemed to understand the tones we used when talking, which made it easy to reprimand her.

    I miss her so bad...

    We took a new kitten, but she doesn't seem to have the finesse my old cat had. Perhaps it'll come when she grows older with us... I'd say some cats have human-like emotions, but some others only feel the basic survival emotions (fear and such).

  • Yes, JD Salinger once said that if you want to understand human emotion watch cats. I love cats. They are special creatures.

  • I believe every mammal has emotions/feelings...heck even those robotic pet toys have feelings lolol but that's a whole different topic...kinda.

  • Yes, they do! I noticed that sometimes when I am really mad and I yell or when I cry my cat will come up to me and start meowing at me to make me stop. LOL

  • All mammals have emotions (I can't speak for other types of animals). Its wrong to describe them as "humanlike" when we are hardly the only species to experience emotions like that.

    Look up the three brains or the triune brain.

  • I've had cats before and never had this kind of experience. But it must be nice to have a pet like that :)

  • awwww so cuteee! I think all living things feel something!

  • Well I think your cat did miss you.

    Only had one cat when I was a kid, I don't know if she had human emotions.

    She pretty much wanted to be fed and as long as she had food she was okay.

    I think she got angry at me one time. (She peed on my bed)

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