Do you believe cats have humanlike emotions?

I read somewhere that they do, and I became convinced tonight when my cat acted so relieved to see me after I came home from my trip. She cried for a long time after I walked in the door, and then finally settled down when I got in bed, and she curled up next to me and purred loudly.

See, we put our dog to sleep recently (which my cat grieved over), and I got very sick right before leaving on my trip, so my guess is she thought I also died when I left. I've never gotten that reaction from her that I did tonight! It was unbelievable. :) I don't think I'll ever forget the look she gave me tonight. There was so much love in her eyes.

Anyways, what do you all think (about what I read; not about my cat lol)? Do you have any cats, and do they seem to have humanlike emotions?


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  • YESSSS I love cats because they are so smart and so passionate. Your cat was feeling exactly what you thought and my cat is very emotional and loving. You are good people :)

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      Thank you friend