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Favorite Kate Middleton look?

Ladies, what's your favorite thing Kate Middleton has worn so far? I love her style, and always look forward to seeing what she's wearing. Mine is... Show More

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  • I favor her most when she takes all her clothes off and plays marbles

What Guys Said 10

  • I was quite fond of the look where she wasn't wearing anything.

    Longest I've glanced at Kate Middleton in some time.

  • The key for girls to look sexy nowadays, is less skin, more hair and more curves.

  • I'm not a royalist. I was with an brit for a long time though and there is a charm to them. Then it is weird. Its good to be with an American if you're American. British like British don't they? They do. I know.

  • My favorite is on her knees showing us her fine royal ass.

  • Don't care.

  • favorite look: not naked. she doesn't look so good naked.

  • She craps and has boogers too. People actually remember what another human being wears in the past? How sad

What Girls Said 2

  • Who cares, she's common as muck and her behavior is disgraceful. Nothing she wears sits well on her imo. She's a bag of bones

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