Why don't guys like big girls?

Who wants to date someone you may break? Big girls aren't any different than the small ones. They put they pants on one foot at a time.


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  • fat girls are very unattractive.

    I would NEVER EVER consider dating a fat chick.

    they don't know how to take care of themselves.

    fat chicks are considerably less healthy than this so called "small" ones.

    it doesn't matter if they exercise or not, they are still more likely to be less healthy.

    they are more likely to develop health problems (e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes)

    i don't want to be with someone bigger than myself. its just embarrassing.

    the fat that they have is also gross. I mean, look at it its all gross looking and feeling. You can see the extra flab just hanging there and the way their extra fat jiggles. UGGH SO GROSS.

    Bottom line

    Fat girls are ugly in my honest opinion.

    I don't care if you think its shallow, go loose weight then.

    British studies have shown only bad results for the fatties (in their own country)

    1-they are lazier

    2-they are dumber

    3-they are more anti social

    4-they aren't as active

    The british don't like fat people and neither do I

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      I hope you have a Girlfriend who is as equally shallow as yourself... however I can't imagine any woman (in a right frame of mind) who would want to be with any man.... correction:boy as shallow as you. I hope your metabolism slows down and your grow a whole ass, so you can be judged the same way you have judged others. Anyways beyond that have a nice day !

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      Lol. you sound so ignorant with your answer. but I respect that because that is your opinion... the only thing I can see from your answer though is that you don't have to bring other people down to deal with your hidden insecurities.

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      Okay so what are you going to do when your wife gets bigger when she has a kid...looks don't last forever!!