Do you believe celebrities would ever fall in love with fans they have met backstage?

The question says it all...if you believe it is possible why so? Has it ever happened before? ...if you do not believe it can happen why not?


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  • Not in that short of a time but stuff like that happens in general id think. Can't think of a specific example. I think they would be more likely to like someone who treats them like a normal person.


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  • The fan would have to literally rock the celebrity's effing world on a level most people are not capable of doing. Think about it. At most, the fan has one night to work magic. How many people have you fallen for within that time span?

    Throw in the knowledge that the fan is head over heels for someone they don't know at all, and has all kinds of incentives to gold-dig and the celebrity is going to have a pretty good wall up.

    There's always the getting pregnant option, but that's not easy and it's a sh*tty foundation for love.

    Bottom line, nope. The most a fan will get is a roll in the hay and probably not even that.

  • Celebrities are revered and treated similar to Gods. People have this unrealistic expectation of them when they're people just like us.

    Yeah, I believe falling in love with a fan is possible for celebrities.

    Is it likely? I doubt ir

  • Nope. Wouldn't happen. Their publicity manager wouldn't allow it. Celebrities are expected to date other people of high social status as a method of maintaining their social image. Dating a "commoner" would harm this image and would prevent further networking.

  • That will never happen

  • Celebrity is one person and true lovers can be thousands in number. Even if they are in hundreds and they somehow get a chance to express their love for the celebrity, that would become a routine thing for celebrity and celebrity would just put all their "lover-fans" into "lover-fans-category" of their mind and it would become a routine thing for celebrity to come across such people who are too much expressive fans. Can't blame it on celebrities as well because they are also humans and they reserve every right to live the way they want. You love someone; even if you truly love someone doesn't give you a license to just impose it on somebody. The essence of love is to see the lover happy and care for him/her as the spelling of love are "R. E. S. P. E. C. T". Lucky are those people who have found someone equally loving.
    by the way, I am in serious love with one celebrity. Initially, I thought that it would go away but it didn't. So what I do is look her up in the news and interviews, see a smile on her face, make sure she's happy and be happy myself. I think that's the way to go.

  • lol No. They have sex with those people. That's it.


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  • If royalty can why not a celebrity and I think that's what happened to Kevin Jonas

  • I think they will not fall in love

  • I'm not going to say who it is... and you probably wouldn't know who it is anyway, but I managed to sort of do this with a musician, haha. It all started out with me just being a huge fan (I expressed my love back when he was a nobody, and from then on, I was just known as his favorite fan), and then after meeting him at one of his shows, to accidentally coming across him at another, we eventually started talking a bit. I oftentimes forget who he is and no longer even view him as being even moderately 'famous,' and I just picture him as an average joe who just happens to make some of my favorite music on the side!

    I didn't really get my charm across the first few times that I hung out with him (it's a bit hard to fully get to know someone at a club when alcohol is involved...), but it helped me get my foot through the door and move onto texting/phoning. We live in different states, and it's definitely just a playful little relationship that we have at the moment (ie, we're not like... being serious or dating or anything of that sort @@), but I've already got the okay to come visit him/stay at his place whenever I want! Let's just say that I'm planning a trip verrrrryyyy soon. ;)

    • Awww omgg that's so cute...gdluckk wish you the very bestt ;)

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    • Thank you so much ...I really appreciate you being nice enough to write this,thanks it was very interesting...

      I have a sorta celebrity crush,but I'm not the crazy about you type though lol...its just that whenever I see someone who looks like this certain celeb,I have a deep crush on him...and you know how a girl sometimes imagines her perfect "prince charming" ? Well I imagine him with that celeb's face on lool...I never understood why since I never really watch or listen to any of that

    • Celebrity's work,I barely even knew his name until recently lol,I only had memorized his face haha...but unfortunately my obsession got me curious to read more about him,and I found out he is nothing I have ever dreamed of lol...his personality is too faraway from perfection in my eyes...I don't get it...why do I always illusionate things like this haha...yeah and so these thoughts lately got me to wonder if such a thing is possible in the real world ...thanks again!

  • It's possible, but not probable. It takes a while to sincerely love someone and celebrities don't have the kind of lifestyle that makes it easy to take time getting to know people.