What questions should I ask to get to know a girl better?

Like just some questions to get a girl to know that I want to get to know her.Just trying to show her I care and then make her my girl.

Most Helpful Guy

  • There really is no point in talking to girls they don't care about personality they only really care about looks.

    • I care a hell of a lot more about personality than looks. If I can't stand him why the hell would I go out with him? I'd rather date a guy with a mind that I can hold a conversation with and that can take a joke than a brain-dead guy with looks, who's a player. Personality always comes before looks, but that is not to say I don't have my prefrences, haha

    • Girls always say that but I am a nice guy I am just shy and I have never even had a girl show an interest in me.