This guy called me babe today...?

I'm not into him at all. Plus all the jokes I give him he takes them too seriously. And he works at my work, so like how am I suppose to act around him now? I hope this isn't a sign

Like he's into me or anything.


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  • Maybe he could be flirting with you.I think it could mean both maybe flirting or maybe he likes you. It's hard to tell. Also if he is taking your jokes to serioulsy then maybe yo ucna change the content of the jokes around a bit. some peopel I learn you cna't joke around with them for a lot of reasons.Then their is peopel who don't get my jokes sometimes.I would say just act normal and how you normally act at work. If he ever tries to ask you out or something. Just tell him you don't date co-workers or that your not interested. It might not reach that point. Just keep an eye out if keeps it up with the babe comments.


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  • He's flirting with you because he's attracted to you, yes. You need to figure out a way to make it clear that you aren't interested. The classic way is to mention "your boyfriend" or talk about "this guy you are interested in" when he's around. That will let him know he's wasting his time, and unless he's super desperate or clingy, he'll look elsewhere.

  • Chillax. Men just wants to have fun. It doesn't imply anything more beyond that.

  • He probably is into you, and whatever "jokes" you said he interpreted literally. Many of us guys are straight shooters in that regard.

    Why do you seem so terrified that this guy is interested in you?

    • Because he annoys me SO much . And liking me would just add to my annoyed list.

  • Babe, don't worry about it. Fuggetaboutit. No problem.

    It's an endearment to see if you'd pick up on it, probably.

    Next time, say "RAPE!"

    No, I meant to say, "don't call me that, please."

    He'll hear the same thing.

    We're sensitized to rejection. Remember that. Only the actual rapists ignore a woman's flat reply to a flirtation.

    Women can lead us around by our members. Use that.

    Just like we can shout "I like her a lot" with the little head, we can also flaccidly groan "meh."

    All based on a look, or a smile, or a cold shoulder, or a frown.

  • It means "Let's have sex" in this context. I hear it all day every day at work.

  • It could mean he is slightly interested or mean nothing at all. Babe can be used casually at times. I wouldn't put too much thought into it unless he does it again or shows other signs of interest.

  • The fact you posted a question about it sounds like you also might have some kind of feelings for this dude.

    But if not, you could just casually bring it up... "Hey, just wondered why you called me babe the other day?"

    He probably won't have a good response, and you could finish it off by mentioning you were just curious because the only peeps that have called you babe before were either boyfriends or gay guys.

    He probably wouldn't call you babe anymore.

    • NO. No feelings. I swear

    • I was think g about " next time you call me babe I'm gong to punch your eyes out" to harsh? Ill say itin a kidding way.

    • Kidding isn't a bad strategy. Like, if right after he'd done it you said "they still haven't found the last guy who called me that"... just something where he can't retaliate or feel bad, because you said it in a way that's kind of ridiculous, but still, you made it clear how you feel.

      If he is trying to flirt with you... you'll probably get another chance to say it soon enough :P

  • From a guys point of view, you should just tell him how you feel. Some guys are blinded by how beautiful a girl is / how she makes him feel, that sometimes he might not realize that the jokes are jokes. If a dude is in the "friend zone" just let him know.

  • Don't worry babe ;)

  • C'mon babe he's joking too.

    • He doesn't know how to joke.

  • Terms of endearment...southern people tend to use them more than northern, however, he COULD like you...won't know until he makes a move on you (physically) you know, actions, speak louder, than words

  • He wants you racheal lol ;)

  • If you want to get into his pants he won't say no ;p

    • Dude, I don't lol

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    • -.-

    • You want to tame his beast :p

  • He wants in yo panties

  • He just felt sorry that your Houston Texans lost.


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  • He is making you uncomfortable. Be an evil chick.