This guy called me babe today...?

I'm not into him at all. Plus all the jokes I give him he takes them too seriously. And he works at my work, so like how am I suppose to act around him now? I hope this isn't a sign

Like he's into me or anything.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Maybe he could be flirting with you.I think it could mean both maybe flirting or maybe he likes you. It's hard to tell. Also if he is taking your jokes to serioulsy then maybe yo ucna change the content of the jokes around a bit. some peopel I learn you cna't joke around with them for a lot of reasons.Then their is peopel who don't get my jokes sometimes.I would say just act normal and how you normally act at work. If he ever tries to ask you out or something. Just tell him you don't date co-workers or that your not interested. It might not reach that point. Just keep an eye out if keeps it up with the babe comments.