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Should I Give Up or Keep Waiting

So there's this guy I like. We met last year. (I was in 8th grade and he was in 7th). We started talking and he was really sweet and nice and I liked... Show More

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  • I think it will be better for you to move on and find a better guy. If he's really interested to keep in touch with you, he will. So don't waste your time waiting for him not to mention that he never admit that he likes you right? So, go out and flirt with other guys. :) Trust me I've been in your shoes, 1st they will communicate less, then they won't reply your message, then they will just ignore everything you post on FB, then they will probably just prevent you from even posting in their FB. So, my advice is, just forget him. Spare yourself from the pain. There's a lot of better guys out there ;)

What Guys Said 2

  • Not really giving up, just moving along, not holding yourself back.

  • You were in 8th grade last year but your 18-24? o_O

What Girls Said 3

  • If he's online, you could message him. But I wouldn't really pursue him. He has your number and Facebook, if he wants to contact you, he can.

  • Baby, when is your birthday? The best way to see a person whom you like very much is to call him for a birthday party! This is what I usually did:) and just be dressed up as good as you can!

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