Can you be "drunk" and still go on Facebook and send messages/write on walls etc?

When I'm drunk, I get really sleepy and fall asleep. I'm talking about "drunk" not just really tipsy. I think when people go on Facebook and write 'I'm drunk" or send "drunk" messages, they are just acting like they're drunk, wanted to do these things along and want some social media attention.... Show More

  • Vote A Yes you can be really drunk and still go on FB and type
  • Vote B No, if you are really drunk, you probably cannot go on FB and type
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I have a friend that only fb's while pounding back a fifth of whiskey. Drunk as sh*t and still makes sense. Granted some really horrible one's he deletes the next day. And He texts all the time too. I text very well while so drunk I can't walk so I see no validity to this comment.