Is this guy interested if all he's doing is texting me?

So here's the deal... About 7 months ago, I met this guy at a party and we seemed to hit it off really well. I could tell he was into me. He'd find way to touch me or kinda get in closer when I'd shift my stance. That kind of thing. He was definitely engaged in our conversation, which lasted... Show More

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  • This guy sounds like he's not as into it as you may think. No one's job is so demanding that in 7months they couldn't make time to go out with a girl they are interested. Not even the president's schedule is that busy.

    The fact that it never progressed from texting tells me he is either not that into you or he is a poor communicator.

    I wouldn't say you are being strung along since you could have easily called him at any time but it does sound (pretty sure) that he isn't that into you otherwise he would've made an effort to spend time with you

    • We've talked on the phone too, but we text all day, everyday since that party. Every once in a while, there's a 1-2 day break, but it always picks up again. His job is no excuse, I agree, but he's an undercover cop, so his hours are crazy. I ask about being strung along because he insists that he wants to hang out, even when I give him the option to throw the towel in by just being honest with me if he really doesn't want to see me. But he always replies with, "that's not the case" and I don't get it

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    • I want to talk to him about it but, because I'm not his girlfriend, isn't that a little serious at this point? I don't want to come off as a psycho, because I'm not. I'm actually a really laid back, chill girl. I get that guys need to be guys and all that. Which is why I'm not putting pressure on him - I don't think that'll help my case. But you're right - its not fair to me. And this can't go anywhere like this. Is it crazy to say something though since he's technically not accountable to me?

    • i mean it may freak him out since you two aren't dating officially, but there has been a long span of back and forth and him leading you on (intentionally or not) and you shouldn't dangle on a string for so long.