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I need advive from a third party crowd, should I stick it out?

i have known this girl all through high school. 11 years later we go out for coffee and she knows how I feel for her but she is not ready for a... Show More

So yesterday the temps were going down in to the low 30's and mid 20's and her wood pile was low. I went and got some wood for her and delivered it to her. then I talked to her sister due to the fact that I could not tell if she appreciated it or not, her sister has told me that she has had a ex that that did the same thing but he tried the same thing but he did it to make them a couple. me I delivered the wood because they needed it. she has been bitten so bad by ex's I don't know what to do.

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  • I think you just need to be patient. Her job is really what's important right now.

    Also, she might be thinking of the consequences if she's with you. Perhaps, you'll break up suddenly and she can't take it. You just need to reassure her that you're always here for her and her child. Always include the child in your reassurances because it will increase the chances that you will end up being with your girl.

    • so you have helped me on the first part of the queston no any advice on my update I put up.

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  • ya the " I don't have time for a relationship" is pretty much girl code for no cause if we like you we are def gonna make time! if you really really like her than she is gong to take some time. she has to see that she can trust you and rely on you as well. is she worth it? if yes then tell her that she is worth it and you're willing to be patient.

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  • Stay friends and explore your other options, date around, if she's not ready and you try to force it you'll either lose the friendship or she'll cave and then resent you forever, it's a lose lose situation.

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