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If you have rich boyfriend you live with, what would be her reason for wanting to leave?

You've been in a relationship with said dude for about three years. He is making good money. He has a great career and is well established. You... Show More

Check, your* reason to leave, sorry, typo

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  • For the most part, if I was dating someone who was financially capable of taking care of me but was not emotionally available or if I felt disconnected with him, I would NOT stick around. Also, just because a man is rich, doesn't mean he's the ideal type. It takes a lot more than money to stick around. ALTHOUGH (I know this isn't part of the question), I don't think I could ever really let a guy take care of me financially. I would feel like too much of a burden and considering I can take care of myself perfectly well, it would be an imperfect balance.

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  • I'd probably leave just because I would feel I wasn't contributing and was basically a dead weight. I need to feel like I'm helping and in that relationship, I'm not. I was raised to work for what you want or "earn your keep" as it were, and in that relationship I wouldn't be. I'd just be there. Doing nothing. And doing nothing all day every day is actually a miserable existence.

  • it's hard. I mean I'd have to connect with a guy on an emotional and spiritual level.i did date a guy who was really well off, sports car and upper class, possibly government employed family members.but he wasn't my type.and maybe there was something said, or not a good connection.but I'm sure there's a reason.sorry to hear it's not working out and hopefully you guys can at least try to talk it out.

    • It's not about me

  • I'd break up with him if he cheated or was emotionally unavailable. Or if I no longer had feelings for him. A relationship requires a lot of different things for it to work out.

  • Because of all things I ever wanted in a guy money was never one of them. I really wish guys would stop thinking that's all women want. If the relationship isn't working,/we have nothing in common/ I don't trust him/I simply don't love him or know he doesn't love me then I don't hang around. A relationship requires amongst many things, love,honesty, trust, respect, communication, loyalty,I want to be treated as his equal not someone who money can be thrown at to keep happy

  • It's not always about the money, or the nice things. You have to love someone as well. You have to WANT to be with them in every way, not just for the money. Some girls are gold diggers. They want the money and the nice things, but they want another man.. It's a confusing subject. Because it could go either way.

  • Bec I've fallen in live with someone else. Or he's cheating. The usual reasons ;-)

  • Money can't ever buy you real happiness, I should know, I grew up with money, it solved none of lifes real problems. I'd never stay with anyone just because they have money.

  • Honestly... you shouldn't be staying with somebody just for the money.. Honestly that's wrong.. lol you should be with somebody because you love them.. If the heart is not feeling it.. LEAVE. I mean.. yes you may look like a total B*** word but your more of a B*** word for staying with somebody just cause of the money and it's unhealthy for both of you to be in a relationship when one has a wandering eye it only takes time before they go and cheat xD!

  • He is a snob. His friends think he's too good for me.

  • When the money I have been secretly stealing from him is enough to buy my own house.

  • simply if I didn't love him, or feel happy spending time with him. Material items aren't necessarily going to make a relationship successful.

  • For me personally , Money can't keep me . The love and connection I've with a man keeps me . To me money would be the gift from my man , So that I can help us to build more .

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  • I would leave if I felt like he didn't care about me.

  • maybe she's not a gold digger and wants his love more then all the nice things he gets her, or maybe she doesn't comprehend how good she has it with him, until she looses him. Chances are, he would take her back.

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