If you have rich boyfriend you live with, what would be her reason for wanting to leave?

You've been in a relationship with said dude for about three years. He is making good money. He has a great career and is well established. You live in his fairly upscale house and he drives a nice upper middle class car in a upper middle class/ middle class neighborhood. He works and you... Show More

Check, your* reason to leave, sorry, typo

Most Helpful Girl

  • For the most part, if I was dating someone who was financially capable of taking care of me but was not emotionally available or if I felt disconnected with him, I would NOT stick around. Also, just because a man is rich, doesn't mean he's the ideal type. It takes a lot more than money to stick around.

    ALTHOUGH (I know this isn't part of the question), I don't think I could ever really let a guy take care of me financially. I would feel like too much of a burden and considering I can take care of myself perfectly well, it would be an imperfect balance.