I wish the government would require good salary for all workers to get rid of some of the class-ism.

How would it be possible to make sure that every worker is making at least 15 dollars an hour to began with a job , this will help get rid of not all but a lot of classicism in America and it also would increase higher worker performance

I used too do everything that my manger was expect to do except telling people what to do at work and I was making much less cash at fast food.

if they required a 14 an hour minimum wage I would have then felt better about all my hard work and I could have been able to afford a Damn car too get too work and health care for my tooth ache!

in the old country they would of paid fast food employees pretty well at McDonald and everyone seemed happy ...Smaller staff.

capitalism is reinforcing classicism today in America , how will we stop this behavior of people being such big snubs?

we need freedom to pick wages
I only want too enforce a happy work places and lives for all :)
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  • Its a cute idea but its how society works and always has worked.

    Just like some chemical reactions, the economy of society reaches an equillibrium. Increase the base pay and prices of essentials/non-essentials will rise due to increased demand and increased cost of production. Or if minimum wage increased then workforces would have to be cut to keep costs the same.

    Theres always a few big fish and lots of little fish and then the bottom feeders. Nothing can and ever will change that (indefinitely)

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      its not cute , these cooperation spend money really badly so they could easily get rid all bad workers and rich kids and pay more for people you really need work.

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      Okay, while I'm doing that; you go read a bible and take some economics classes.

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      All your entirely irrelivant talk of bibles distracted me.