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I wish the government would require good salary for all workers to get rid of some of the class-ism.

How would it be possible to make sure that every worker is making at least 15 dollars an hour to began with a job , this will help get rid of not... Show More

we need freedom to pick wages
I only want too enforce a happy work places and lives for all :)
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  • Its a cute idea but its how society works and always has worked.Just like some chemical reactions, the economy of society reaches an equillibrium. Increase the base pay and prices of essentials/non-essentials will rise due to increased demand and increased cost of production. Or if minimum wage increased then workforces would have to be cut to keep costs the same.Theres always a few big fish and lots of little fish and then the bottom feeders. Nothing can and ever will change that (indefinitely)

    • its not cute , these cooperation spend money really badly so they could easily get rid all bad workers and rich kids and pay more for people you really need work.

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    • Okay, while I'm doing that; you go read a bible and take some economics classes.

    • Dictionary*All your entirely irrelivant talk of bibles distracted me.

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  • You pay everyone $15 an hour minimum, all that does is drive up the cost of bread, gas, and every other consumer product.. cause not the costs of making, transporting and selling them have increased...So, sure, I'll pay you $15 an hour to sweep the floor...but be prepared to spend $30 for a Big Mac... $10 for a loaf of cheap bread...and you can forget ever taking a girl on a date...

    • good because you'll able afford to still buy it and a doctor making 100k will not care.

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    • let the government make some business and let people have control of government then we 'll own everything if this true liberality

    • Governments govern.. hence their name...

  • I'm sorry to say this, but your logic is pretty stupid. All that would do is drive up prices. Everything would be the same but the numbers would be higher. For example, the US federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. I'm in California and I make $8 per hour. I'm probably worse off than people making minimum with the same hours in some of those other states because California is freaking expensive.

    • yes but you then could offered higher prices.

    • What would be the point of that?

  • then that would mean prices will go up since most pple can afford more

    • no these company have such big profit that its sick .

    • yes, if every1 made 15 bucks prices will go up becasue people can afford more. if people were back to making $5 an hour prices would go down to accommodate

  • You are so into yourself it's not even funny. It's one thing to have an opinion, it another thing to think your opinion is fact and everyone else's is therefore wrong. This isn't a socialist country, point blank. Some people might want it to be and they are more than welcomed to vote for socialistic candidates, but in a democracy majority rules.We ARE a nation built on Capitalism and there are a lot of Americans in ALL social classes who appreciate that. And we do have "freedom to pick wages," we also have the freedom to get an education and get the job we each want. No one is forcing you to work at McDonald's...you could go to a community college, do a course in hospitality and get a job that pays way more. Or you could work very hard at you minium wage job, become a manger and make your $15 an hour. ORYou could go on GAG, complain about how unfair your life is and your low wages and still get paid your little $8 an hour.

    • you want be able pick anything so when globlest gain power. if like being poor go for capitalism .

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    • go watch "capitalism a love story" its a film explaing the failed of growth of income and a few people control everything . its all fact . capitalism with rising too top is only a pipe dream.

    • alright cutie! have it your way keep taken those adorable pictures!

  • I hate to say it but some jobs just aren't worth $15 an hour :/ I do agree that there is a lot of jobs that are horribly under paying but on that note there are a lot of jobs that over pay (Ceo's anyone?) but that is the nature of Capitalism, bushiness are allowed to set their own model including the salary. Civil Service jobs tend to have decent pay and great health care packages, I'd suggest anyone who doesn't have a college degree or other skill where they can get a good paying job to take a civil service test and try to get a job with the government.

    • yes cupcake number #342 your right!

  • I'm with you in theory, but in reality it's not really feasible. If unskilled jobs were paid more highly people would have less motivation to acquire skilled professions on which society and the economy depend. The current system rewards additional qualifications and skills which people work hard to obtain, though I'll agree that not all opportunities were made equal.

    • What about a national health service? Social security? These would be better ways to address fundamental inequalities, surely? We have a national health service in the UK.. there are plenty of people struggling to get by on minimum wage, but at least they can get tax relief and the same right to healthcare as anybody else. It is one thing I am truly grateful for.

    • people make good working at ford and Detroit used a middle class places, if America really a middle class country we let everyone live good.

  • People should strive to better themselves through education and networking--not by having sh*t they don't deserve handed to them. Even if this were to happen, classes would still exist.Some people aren't meant to be at the top or hold high paying positions/jobs. Someone has to do the dirty work, which isn't praiseworthy nor considered a major part of holding society together...I don't consider a McDonalds worker equal to a R.N...

    • natural we all meant hunt and not live in high tech infrastructure.. the way the "GOD(S) " Designed ...where not meant be controlled with money and governments.humans are animals!

    • link people like this pilot lost money over a cooperation and he then go's to congress asking for help, you see people asking for help congress now to get better , this shows not company care people specialty since pilot was hero and still lost..if watch doc. movie its all about all the greed.

  • Hmm well you have a point... I think that maybe they should raise the wages for Walmart, Target, Kohls and any fast food like BK or MCDLDS ... honestly people in retail I guess and fast food get paid way less and I'm sure other jobs do get paid less than thy should to.. its kinda sad since these companies make HUGE Bucks lol xDbut yeah... Well.. I guess since our society is a capitalist one you just gotta go toschool possibly or search for other opportunities job/career wise

    • yea turn big profits and chreat the employees like crap like crud on the side of a pan

  • I don't need millions just enough to eat.. Rather be poor doing what I love.

    • who said about millions?

  • Or get a better education and skillsStop blaming others for your problems

    • So true :)

    • link this isn't about me uts about you too, fighting against the new world order.

    • dont demonize are people at bottom , we only wanted equal rights to join the middle class.

  • All that would do is raise the salary for everyone else already making more than you, which would in turn raise prices for cars/houses/etc., and classism would still be there. We live in a country that (fortunately) rewards those that take on the education and higher skilled jobs by giving them better pay. If you take away that incentive, everyone would work lower-skilled jobs, and our country will crumble. $18.00 an hour is about what I'm getting paid at my fresh out of college job with a bachelor's degree. I would be pissed if someone working at McDonald's who didn't spend 100K in student loans was getting paid the same as me. And if I knew that's the way it worked, I definitely wouldn't have gone to college.

    • we then have middle and rich bit no low income !

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    • Good luck.

    • a co-op America for those who want to join!

  • i think it's time for you to leave the united states...we are a free country not a socialist one

    • your super ignorant , the world want freedom and this issue is about workers rights where company can't control workers. its about the rights of working man , besides America no longer free because the powers that be are taken over.

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    • not arguing, just staying the facts!

    • I have a top degree, I still can't find well paid work . Current world economy is f***ed

  • Hahahahahhahahahahahaha! What fun would it be if everyone were equal? Our nation was built on inequalities in the financial world. If you're going to get the same wage as the other guy why do you need to try harder?

  • Supply and demand. There is greater demand for jobs than there is a supply of jobs. There will always be someone willing to do what you do for less pay. So companies get away with paying less.Also, having a minimum wage like that would probably contribute to companies shipping jobs overseas where people are willing to work for pennies.Its a craptastic situation. :-/

    • where talking fast food jobs all that is left.

    • no it isn't and she is right.

    • stop

  • If everyone made $15 an hour, the value of a dollar would just be lower.

    • that bull don't trust rich people that tell that , America used a middle class country and most people about that amount in factory's .

    • America needs middle income jobs for motivated workers, not a higher minimum wage for low level service jobs.

  • Sounds like you want socialism? Because that's what you just said without using the word.

    • good ! your one those people! hahaha I want change revolution ..go look up up alex johnes on you tube ...he is American born so you might trust him but saying sort same thing but more and more.

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    • link look at this

    • I think if we keep electing people like Obama then the country will go down the tubes.

  • Well firstly consumerism and these big rich companies thrive on people actually buying their products, so people should buy less of that, and start making things for each other. You can cook for someone else, grow vegetables, do favours, etc. But its because we give corporations so much power by filling their pockets with our money that they can basically make rules and influence politicians in government who make the rules. We take the power back by not being consumerists. The trouble is most people will not give up their convenience to try to fight this, so it does become a class war, whoever earns the most has the easiest life, and everyone else below has it harder and harder.

What Guys Said 22

  • You don't seem to understand what money is. We could all get paid 100 times as much by declaring all former wages multiplies by 100. Of course all prices would also be 100 times higher. So nothing would change. If you want to make poor people better off, you either have to take it away from someone else, or get richer as a society. That means actulh producing more goods and services.

    • they have higher since already have corporate greed.

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    • we asking huge wages just like 15 an hour and cut other cost, these places wasting a lot of money anyway.

    • If they can cut other costs, why aren't they? It would be pure profit. if salaries went up, they'd hire less people and raise costs hurting everyone else. The best way to raise wages is to raise demand for labour and productivity. Raising minimum wages helps when you have a monopsony or very inelastic demand for low skill labour, but hurts if its elastic.

  • LOL. If you paid people that much to work, you'd have less jobs than we have today.

  • the government should stay as far from the work place as possible. they screw up more than enough in all other aspects as it is.

    • so they enforce higher wages , but of course I mean new govermnet

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    • im bob!

    • good. now I want to have a national anthem wriiten by the butthole surfers (time capsuled of course) from 1987,it'll be super psychedelic :)

  • No it wouldn't fix the class problem. Think about it, you pay everyone 15 bucks an hour. That cost is going to get passed along to the consumer thus putting things back to where they were. It would work if the executives would take a pay cut, and not pass it on to the consumer. But who are we kidding. CEO pay has skyrocketed over the last 40 years. People blame unions for company's going under. It's not unions it's the greed at the top of all these companies.

  • I know it sucks man, but that's capitalism for you. By the way, I'm curious, which direction does your political compass lean toward? Towards anarchism or communism? Take this test and let me know! :) link

    • Alex Jones ha ha no but I rather live like native American used , let go back to 1776 .

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    • nope

    • Haha, okay.

  • that is impossible because if that happens businesses and the economy in general will collapse completely

    • nope

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    • likw what are you talking about Barter? That is a very primitive economy system

    • like what barter? that is a very primitive economy system and I doubt anybody not even the most progressive individuals would like to go back to such a system

  • What and end up like the Soviet Union?

    • nope Soviet Union made people poor.

  • Soo the kids who were lazy and chose not to go to college should be paid the same as me even though I'm way more qualified than them?

    • they not lazy they put up with 2 park time dead jobs and feed a family .

    • Qualified in what? The same as you pay people more everything else goes up. The more people who go to college to do jobs that once only required a high school diploma is the same deal. More college grads the more that have to take jobs making 30,000 a year. Plus having to pay back large student loans.

  • wow. That's bad.First off minimum wage is one of the cheif causes of uneployment. Second raising it would drive even more unskilled workers out of the market (if you have to pay a premium you're going to make sure you get the best you can. You're not going to risk your money on someone with no experience) If you can't pay an unskilled worker what he's worth. And if he's worth less then minimum wage, then you're not going to hire him.Also. You only did what was expected? That's weak. And I highly doubt that you did. Where you on time every day when you could help it? Did you ever take fake sick days? Did you ever under perform just because you couldn't be bothered? The world doesn't owe you a living. In fact the world owes you nothing. You want something? YOu want to deserve something? You have to earn it. If you're getting payed X for Y amount of work and you do less then Y you don't deserve to be paid the full amount.If you work more then Y someone will notice.

    • ok so lets build skilled workers lets grow are own food and haunt like used too! let promote farming!

    • what... the... hellENGLISH MOTHER F***ER DO YOU SPEAK IT?

  • The value of money is relative, it's not a fixed value of worth.If you give people more money then the worth of money becomes lower, so you have to pay more for goods because money is worth less.A good example of such a situation is Zimbabwe, everyone is walking around with monopoly money and can't afford a loaf of bread.

  • Compare the average citizen of the united state with the majority of other countries. are you really a bad fruit ^^ ?

    • i'm talking about living conditions and nothing else.

  • Why do you not think that the market should determine the value of a job? On the contrary people work hard in order to get a raise or upgrade their job position. AND THE MAIN MAIN POINT HERE IS NO ONE IS ENTITLED TO ANYTHING. If you want to make a lot of $$$$$$$$$ study hard, do well in school and you'll get a good well paying job. Classicism breeds competition which is an incentive for everybody. The only people that you will find complaining about classicism are the underachievers that would rather feel sorry for themselves than take action to improve their class status!

    • sure we all ENTITLED for the write breath and use the world resources around us. money ruins everything and give the government the power to control.

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    • nope its not the point , the point is the PEOPLE should control the government and demand decency..so life good now but wait intill you loose your job and have go welfare or work a hard job for nothing in return.

    • link listen to this yes government want to work for them or they want welfare . "this country that going control says alex johns"

  • You do realize that you are painting an idealistic picture of the repercussion of an increase in wages, right ?Higher wages will only lead to higher costs, companies won't be able to afford the same amount of employees, more people will be unemployed, smaller companies will suffer to the point where only large established multinationals will be able to operate, therefore reinforcing even further the fracture between social classes, and leading some of the few last markets which aren't a monopoly or an oligopoly to become one...If that isn't enough, think about the fact that most multinationals have been relocating for some years in cheaper countries like China and India, increasing the cost will only make those nations richer and create trouble in your country. Nobody can refute the existence of the issue, sadly enough the solution is far from being that simple.

    • that true because these bossiness owner of chain store are already so filthy rich.

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    • From my knowledge, the largest firms own some of other firms' shares. for example Microsoft has shares of other companies, and other firms in different sectors have invested in Microsoft. (you could look up at the list of investors on yahoo). For the big success stories, I doubt that pension funds will allow people to cover the costs of an investment. (now if someone does it early and it works.. that's a whole other story which isn't that common in my opinion).

    • and to answer your first question (Kheserthorpe), Yes a few individual usually own the largest shares in a company. They tend to be the ones who initially invested in it. Even if a big group of people buy some share after, it does not change anything. Once again, you can take any company you can think of that is large enough and check.

  • If everybody had a good salary, then it would no longer be a good salary.

    • no it still good since you'll eat better food and stress less.

    • The working class will recieve more money, the middle/upper-class will recieve less. That is what you call Communism. In China, everybody gets the same amount of money each week.

    • so why worried about super rich and yes Communism look good only paper but all feel good for once.

  • There is nothing wrong with classes. The upper class is the driving force of most of the economy. Read Hayek's Road to Serfdom.

    • yes the upperclassmen is only 1% the rest have to work and worry.

    • Smh... I'm not even going to bother explaining economics to you...

    • IM going explain you about propaganda

  • If you raise wages a higher cost will go in to a business, thus they will raise prices,sorry but that is how it works, minimum wages jobs are also not the jobs you should strive to have.

    • People don't strive for minimum wage jobs. What about people who are unlucky in finding decent employment and have families, or people trying to pay their way for school to have that education instead of taking out a loan. If jobs paid more, it would give people more of an opportunity to better themselves or even make it easier to put food on the table for their family. Not everyone was born in privileged circumstances.

    • good then people pay little more but company's are wasting money.

  • No classes= communism, to better understanding of it read the book animal farm.

    • freedom

  • Not every employer is a big companyNot every employer can afford to pay every worker a super high minimum wage. You can argue that big corporations love the minimum wage because it means their small business competitors will struggle to afford to keep their staff employed.The value of the currency will dropIt would help to read an economics book

  • It would certainly raise the standard of living, but you have to keep in mind that a few billionaires decide the rules and instead of allowing fair wages, they want to exploit society to hoard a majority of the money, and they give out table scraps to some dependent underlings to enforce those rules by force. Not just the pigs, but all the shills defending the way things are.

    • get rid fast food and high quality hole food :)

  • I'm with you in spirit but logically and realistically it's not feasible for all the reasons others sited. bottom line is you're paid what you're worth. if you don't have skills, you don't get paid sh*t.get a college edumacation or some skills to pay the bills and your wages will go up.

    • i wasn't the logic of it but said I "wish" I'm dreaming

  • I thought you made 6 figures? :P:PP: So I am assuming that you lied? I love these questions as everyone who answers these type of questions are "experts" in macro and micro economics and they are so wise to the world after working from 0 to 3 years in the real world and most don't live by themselves.

    • I do make 6 fingers one figers is from a anothet job, 4 jobs

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    • is that's on your mined? penis?

    • Is that what is in your mouth as you type? That would make sense as you cannot type worth a crap

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