What religion am I and what is it called?

So for background I'm still being raised in a catholic family although we are not devote(as in going to church every Sunday) . From 5th to 8th grade I went to a christian school which I extremely disliked due to the fact that they try to enforce their believes onto others,now I'm a junior and I've been going to a catholic high school. And this year I had a total jesus freak of a religion teacher and all the stuff she talks about makes me realize how many things I disagree with in the catholic church. So this is what I believe in I believe that God sent Jesus to die for our sibs, I believe he loves us AND IS VERY ACTIVE IN OUR LIVES/WORLD. I believe that angels can be incarnated into people in our world(one of my disagreements with the catholic church).so I'm leaning towards the major monotheistic religions, but I also believe that it is not necessary to be part of a community or a physical church,i believe we have to do good deads, but at the same time I'm not like the people that ride their bikes door to door trying to convince, I think their Mormons or Jehovah's witness but I'm not like the religion that thinks that the only way to get to heaven is through good deeds. I believe I can just believe in god have prayer and private moments of meditation and live a good life helping others or just not doing bad, I disagree with physical sacraments but I do believe in miracles. Now I've looked online but I can't find something that fits me from my understanding I think its like this but I don't fit into amy of these

Atheist:deny gods' or God's existence

Deists:believe in a god but think he just made the world and is now absent

Agnostics:think there is a God but can never be 100% sure and they doubt a lot

I know I don't want to be part of a group or church but I would still like a new or category to identify myself with

Well after searching for a while , I might have found something, I really don't want consider myself any type of christian because now I don't any association to a major religion( I still believe in Jesus/god),but after looking online I found paganism, I know most people associate it with magic and norse Gods but by its loose definition it means " without religion" so ill just consider my self that, and as for labeling myself, its mot that I want to be part of something, but I just need a name


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  • You are still Christian but not really orthodox. I'd recommend going to visit a variety of different denominations to see which one suits you best if you want to continue going to church, or you can practice your religion at home. There's no rule that says you are only Christian if you go to church. Its just a lot of people get solace out the social aspect of going to church/temple/mosque/whatever.

    Religion is a very personal thing. Any denomination you look at will probably have aspects you don't agree with completely. If you want to include some level of going to church in your spiritual life, you just find the denomination you most agree with.

    Here's a chart comparing the major denominations that might be helpful to you. link You could also look at wikipedia for an extensive list of every single denomination available, but that's really long and in-depth so it might help you to at least narrow it down a bit into which categories speak to you most. But like I said, you can still be Christian without going to church. The teachings of Christianity are more about how you act on a daily basis than about the number of times you sat listening to someone talk about what you should/should not believe.

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      I was never a christian I was catholic but I still find it very hard to identify myself with any of those,since its not small disagreements that I have but rather very large turn offs for both,and I really have no intention of partaking in any religious community or attemd amy services,but thank you anyways

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      Dude, not to troll but Catholicism, which you admit to have been is a sect of Christianity. Id say the closest thing you've got going is non-denominational christianity which is essentially ignoring what most or all other sects add to their religion that doesn't come straight from the Holy Bible. In a sense the reason you haven't found what you are on the web is because its not there. You are taking the majority of a popular belief and altering it into what you think is true. Call it what you want

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      Catholicism is a denomination of Christianity. If you believe in Jesus as the son of God you are Christian. But you don't have to align yourself with any denomination if you don't believe in any of them. Hell, you can start your own denomination if you want. You just asked what religion you are and I answered to the best of my ability.