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Is she interested or not? Said she had to work, but to give her a heads up next time.

I've asked this girl out that I've know for awhile to a hockey game on Friday. She said "I have to work until midnight :( give me a heads up next... Show More

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  • No she's not. if she was interested she would have given you a definite date to make up for not making it this time. This is a nice rejection

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  • Since she told you how to be successful in spending time with her I think it's safe to assume she's interested, at least somewhat.

  • she saying next time give more of a notice. work is work. she didn't give you a no or a bad look, so your still good to go

  • If she wasn't interested, she wouldn't have basically asked you to ask her out again in the future. She would have just left it at "I have to work until midnight. Sorry."

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