Best way to hide alcohol in my dorm?

I typically have pregames in my room but its so annoying to worry about getting bottles on that day then making sure its gone by the time we leave. DO you have any good ways to hide them or send me links to secret flasks or whatever.


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  • I used to have late night classes (like 6:30-9pm) ocassionally on Thursday nights. My friends and I would go out after so I wanted to pre-game. I'd fill a nalgene with beer (they can hold about 2 or 3). If they are colored nalgenes it's damn near impossible to tell what it is and once the foam goes down it looks a lot like ginger ale

    As far as sneaking stuff in. my friends were on the hockey team, so they had those big arse hockey bags. We'd stash beer in the bottom and put a jersey or pad or two on top


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  • back pack

  • water bottles, soda 2 liters, lockable drawers/containers, bring it with you, or drink it all

  • How much do you guys drink? Try using your bag.

    • Typically like 2 1-liter bottles

  • When I was at school, we used to all get cigar casings, as they were screw tops and fill them up with vodka or some other shot, because in the dorm we had our own kitchen so we could store cokes etc, so get a load of cigar casings, fill them up, and put them in tampon wrappers, re seal them and away you go. Obviously we never used tampon wrappers, but we got them in the school easily enough, so as the cases were the size of a tampon, or a little bigger, they were easy to hide,x


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