Anyone here also planning to play DayZ ?

There are already plenty of zombie games on the market, but I'm pretty anxious about the stand alone version of DayZ , which is already out as a mod for Arma 2.

The stand alone is gonna be great, from what I've seen and be less choppy then the mod with it's crazy gimmicks and hacks which really ruined the experience for me.

DayZ is a survival zombie game, where you have to scavenge and survive a zombie apocalypse with other players or die trying.

So is anyone here also looking forward and planning to play it?


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  • Ive read reviews of the stand alone version and from what I've gleamed it is quite a while away from being the same or even better. However, it has a great base and premise to work with so it has the potential to be a great game.

    • yup, it's still a work in progress, which is good. They don't want to bring something which is only half finished , but a pretty solid game.


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  • Isn't that already out? My friend plays Arma 2 Zombie mod and I'm pretty sure it's Day Z. He says it's pretty much one of the most realistic simulations of a zombie game (hunt/betray humans or scavenge their items, survive during night/daytime, etc).

    I was watching him play it a month or so ago, seemed pretty legit.

    • it is, the creator of the mod itself is working on the stand alone which is backed up by Bohemia interactive. There is already a similar game out called WarZ, but the changes and original concept which the creator will bring to the stand alone looks pretty good.

    • AAhhh, gotcha.

  • Already played it a few times as the Arma 2 mod. It's good fun, but it's still lacking a lot of stuff.

    • yeah, I feel the same way, but that will change in the stand alone and the zombies won't zig zag anymore like in the mod.

  • No.

  • I'm playing JayZ "Big Pimpin'" right now.