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Anyone here also planning to play DayZ ?

There are already plenty of zombie games on the market, but I'm pretty anxious about the stand alone version of DayZ , which is already out as a mod... Show More

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  • Ive read reviews of the stand alone version and from what I've gleamed it is quite a while away from being the same or even better. However, it has a great base and premise to work with so it has the potential to be a great game.

    • yup, it's still a work in progress, which is good. They don't want to bring something which is only half finished , but a pretty solid game.

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  • No.

  • Isn't that already out? My friend plays Arma 2 Zombie mod and I'm pretty sure it's Day Z. He says it's pretty much one of the most realistic simulations of a zombie game (hunt/betray humans or scavenge their items, survive during night/daytime, etc).

    I was watching him play it a month or so ago, seemed pretty legit.

    • it is, the creator of the mod itself is working on the stand alone which is backed up by Bohemia interactive. There is already a similar game out called WarZ, but the changes and original concept which the creator will bring to the stand alone looks pretty good.

    • AAhhh, gotcha.

  • Already played it a few times as the Arma 2 mod. It's good fun, but it's still lacking a lot of stuff.

    • yeah, I feel the same way, but that will change in the stand alone and the zombies won't zig zag anymore like in the mod.

  • I'm playing JayZ "Big Pimpin'" right now.

    • hehe

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