If my girlfriend tells another guy by Facebook, she doesn't love me and that she likes him does it count like

So that happened after a year of relationship. I discovered because she left her Facebook opened, I didn't tell her nothing at the moment because I felt guilty for viewing her Facebook. I told her in a discussion months later, she apologized, and because I was afraid of loosing her I forgive her. She still talks to the guy, she is in the same college as her, and I feel very insecure because she still talks with him on Facebook. That happened about 8 months ago, She has told me she only loves me, and that she always will, I believe her, but still feel insecure,

Am I right if I tell her to stop talking to him by all means? Or is it my problem,and I'm jealous and controlling, and showing I don't trust her at all if I ask her to stop talking to him and delete him on Facebook, and that I should work with my self confidence?


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  • It's normal to feel jelous... And she didn't acted right.

    Either she lied to him by saying that, or she lied to you, because she told you both different things. Have you ever seen it by this point of view?

    She might have lied to him because she wants a "back up guy" (which is horrible!). She might have lied to you because she isn't sure she really liked you.

    You felt guilty for looking at her Facebook, and tha'ts absolutetly normal and healthy, so it's good you felt that way... But you acted wrongly by not telling her that it was open and that you looked (even if nor on porpouse).

    If you'd done that, you'd also have talked to her about it right then, asking her what she was thinking and what she meant by it.

    Of couse, she could have been angry and all that, but you'd solve it right then: you were facing the situation freshly too, so you'd know if she were bluntly lying to you then.

    What she did is not something you should tolerate in a relationship. That tells you she might be leading some guys on, which tells you she can't be that good a person, and that tells you that she can lie and hide things for you, which tells you she'd not good a girlfriend...

    If it had happened to me, I'd have talked to my boyfriend about it right then. I'd apologize for invading his privacy, I did not did it on purpose.. but she told that guy those things with an intention, that's not something as light as put it and treated it...

    If I were you, I'd leave her, because she's also leading you on and you don't know what she's been telling that and other guys behind your back, since she's the type of person who'd do that and you know it.

    I don't understant why you're OK with it. Just because you love her, you don't need to put up with her lies, her possible doouble-timming and her bad character.

    Leave her and forget her. Find someone you deserve and be happy...!

    • Leave her, If she told the other guy that she didn't love you and that she liked him. She told him for a reason she was trying to get with him. She's probably cheating on you.

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  • I don't think there is anything wrong with you telling her you are uncomfortable with her talking to him. She has already admitted to liking him, so why is she teasing herself with the idea of being with this guy?

    If she is happy in the relationship she has with you, she wouldn't be doing this. It may not even be your fault, she may just be the type to need this type of drama in her life.

    If she loves you and only wants to be with you, then she should have no problem disconnecting herself from this guy.

    I think anyone in your position would feel the same way. What she is doing is not right, she's leading one guy on, and messing with your head.

    I would tell her that you would appreciate it if she would stop talking to him. If she doesn't listen and keeps talking, you have a decision to make. I don't think she sounds like a very good girlfriend is she is doing that. But that is just my opinion.

    You have to decide if you are willing to put up with this or if it's too much for you. You certainly can't really trust someone who is going to say stuff like that and keep talking to the person.

  • Uhm. You need to work on getting a new girlfriend. No girl would ever say that about a guy she loves. At least not sober anyway. If a girl loves or even just likes a guy...he's ALWAYS on her mind, she's always talking about him and it will annoy everyone around her because she brings him up so much. Lol my mom gets angry when I talk about my boyfriend because he's all I talk about other than family or my female friends.. :)

    Your self confidence isn't the issue. It's her slutty ass. You should dump her and find a girlfriend who ACTUALLY loves you. You'll know the difference when you feel it, trust me. :)

  • She definitely doesn't love you. The other guy isn't giving her the time of the day so she stays with you because like you or worse she is also extremely insecure and highly egoistical. Some women feel that they need to be in a relationship (doesn't matter with who) in order to feel complete or not bad about themselves. The sad thing is that guys like you get hurt in the process. To prevent from that ever happening to you, learn to play the field, ie have lots of sex with different women until you discover one that is worthy of your love and respect.

  • yea dump that b****

  • dump her

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  • Bro, she's hooking up with this guy behind your back. if not, she's thinking about it. If you get jealous and controlling you will chase her away and into the arms of this guy. By all means sit her the f*** down, have a decent tactful diplomatic conversation about your relationship. if all is lost, wish her the best and move the f*** on.

    • and for god sakes don't tell her you snoped on her Facebook. use it to your advantage instead

  • let me bring you up to speed with reality;

    1. she doesn't love you. there is absolutely no way a normal woman would behave like this if she's in love.

    2. she's not just talking to him over Facebook. you really think they don't see other on the campus? you're insane if you think that.

    3. there's a really high probability that he's banging your chick for quite some time now.

    4. she's with you on the paper, that's it

    5. prohibiting her from talking to him over Facebook is like pissing in the ocean

    6. she doesn't love you

    and 7. my friend, there's something really, really wrong with if you'll stay with her

    i think you just achieved a new level of naivety, buddy boy.

  • I don't know what you should do, but here is what I would:

    I would tell her that I don't really give two craps about her and that guy. If she wants to run off with him, it'll be OK, otherwise she should stop talking to him because I don't feel I'm the only in her mind, and I don't want that.

  • Nobody would actually say something like that what you put in the title unless they completely meant it. Even a person known for joking wouldn't say that. Honestly, I think you should throw the towel in the bin and move on, or you will get hurt even worse in the future.

    If she comes back, don't even give her a second chance. Everybody deserves a single chance, and once they blow it, it's over!