Why do some people talk down on people that work at fast food?

I don't work at fast food but I see these memes on Facebook saying "McDonald's giving people with swag jobs since 1940" seriously? I know Its just a meme but if someone who worked at McDonald's saw that they would be offended. The way I see it is if there was nobody working at fast food most people would be doomed b.c they can't cook for sh*t and It's a job it pays the bills not everybody can afford a college degree or even afford college so they do what's best for there situation.


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  • Lol @ the meme

    Nah if I saw that meme and worked there I'd probably laugh. Come on it's a joke, it's comedy it's not meant to be taken with any grade of seriousness at all.

    But, I do have acquaintances who somehow think it's hilarious that a guy works in fast food, and that it's something to scoff at. like "ahahahahaha X's boyfriend works at Burger King". That is so epicly f***ing lame. Thinking you're a better human being than someone else cause you happened to be born in a richer family is just so low. I really have no respect for people like that.

    The worst is when they do it in person. Why would you ever disrespect an employee to his face when you're ordering food from him, Do you like burgers that have been dragged on the floor or spit in? Then why on earth would you disrespect the person making your food? Not only does that make you a sh*tty person but it also gets you high probability of disgusting sh*t landing in your food.


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  • Jobs are hard enough to find in this economy. I don't look down on anyone doing honest work, no matter what it is.

  • I look up to anyone who gets outta bed everyday and hustles to get ahead at any job. Except lawyers of course!

  • Some people are very out of touch with the real world because they are sheltered, coddled, and given the easy road to success by their parents.

    Anyone who worked for their wealth and earned their success would not talk down to someone just because they happened to work at McDonalds. Only the ones who became wealthy via windfall/inheritance would because they really have no f***ing idea.

  • because some people have a rod up their a s s

  • I don't talk down anyone for what they do because I know how it feels to be working at a sh*tty job, for basically nothing. I've worked factory jobs, and I've also worked a sh*tty retail job for a few days, I had one customer come up to me and say, "what are you doing working here. You're going to make no money." This was the first day I started working there and was my very first customer I was helping.


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  • First, I have no idea what you mean by "McDonald's giving people with swag jobs since 1940." Clear as sludge.

    Second, If you don't like things you read on FB, which is probably being written by your friends...just don't. Tell them you don't agree & don't have time for crap.

    Third, and the answer to your question: People do this about fast food workers or anyone else to make themselves feel better. It's called: BULLYING.

    Good people do not do it. It is a choice. Simple as that.

  • I don't understand it myself. I treat people who handle my food very well. One, I'm not better than them at all. Two, THEY'RE HANDLING MY FOOD! Hahaha!