Girls Rubbing Butt

Why do girls, no matter what they're wearing, always rub/hold their butt? It seems many rub down from the lower back and then just cup/hold their cheeks. What's the purpose? Why is this ok for girls to do? If a guy were to, it would be wrong. Do girls even notice/realize they're doing this?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Cause we can and it's squishy and fun to hold. Why can guys itch their dick every 2 minutes and girls can't with theirs?

    • Hmmm....good point. the difference, I think, is guys do that only briefly (aside from some who want attention) while this is done (from my noticing) often for minutes on end.

What Girls Said 4

  • haha - I have a bad tendency to feel my muscles with my hands after I've been on a long run or intense bike ride - this include calves, quads, hamstrings - - it also includes the butt. I do it absentmindedly and in sheer vanity...

  • I've never seen any girl do that...where exactly do you live? Haha

  • I often slide my hand behind against the skirt (call it hand ironing) while sitting. Is that what you find weird ?

    I don't know about rubbing or holding. I don't do that !


What Guys Said 1

  • Something tells me it's probably something that's just done out of habit.

    • I agree...girls don't seem to notice/realize. I'm curious as to why this is done, how/where the habit began.