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What do you talk about with a guy?

you just met? I am dating this new guy for a little over a week and we talk everyday but recently I have been running out of thing to talk about. Is... Show More

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  • I have had this problem before when keeping in touch with relatives and friends over phone or email. If you are in contact too much, eventually the only thing left you have to talk about are the little everyday things that don't really need to be shared. I'm not telling you to avoid your boyfriend. Just that, it happens to run out of things to talk about. Something that might help, go to a play or movie or something and discuss it afterwards, or join some kind of social group. If you run out of things to talk about, introduce some new sources of things to talk about :)

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  • yea play the ? game.u ask ?'s to each other nd find out more bout them and what they lyk nd stuff.

  • Learn as much about each other as you can, find out what you have in common and what you disagree on. Talk about favorite childhood memories, and how annoying it is to have to wear a sock with a hole in the toe. Anything and everything, stuff you can laugh about, stuff you can be serious about. Find out common interests and talk about that. Things you hope to accomplish in your life time, things you want to do, places you want to go.

    • I agree. If you find out what you have in common, conversation should be easy. Just talk about what interests you.

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