How do you remove 'inksr' from my computer and is it a virus? help?

For about a month now every time I go on a website on internet explorer another window opens up with what looks like a survey? asking how many time you use the internet or what phone you have. The website is called 'inksr' but also just now I have had a simular one that says its called world social... Show More

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  • Download either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to use instead. Internet Explorer is good for very little and often allows annoying things like this to slip through.

    • thank you, I have been wanting to download google chrome but my partner says it takes up a lot of memory space do you know if this is true, he doesn't really know much about computers I think he's heard it from a friend

    • Chrome and Firefox have been in a "battle" to be the better browser. At the moment, I think Firefox has the edge when it comes to speed, but either one will suit you well and you won't notice the differences in speed between the two.