Three year relationship ended need advice

My girlfriend of three years ended things last Friday night. During our relationship we grew very close and were each others best friends. (Which seems like a good thing to me) but her main argument why we should end things was that our relationship had become too much of a companionship and lacking the romance it once had.

We had prior discussions about spicing things up before I left for California for work, and I had an opportunity to take her out for a really nice dinner down town and I felt that things were really rejuvenating. But once I arrived from California she wasn't acting surprised to see me or anything so I knew something was up.

She started a new grad program that week so I was trying to blame stress.

I guess my question is, has anyone ever dealt with something likethis? I'm just super hurt right now because I truly believed that she was the "one". my intent isn't to get her back. She has broken my heart before and I guess I was just too trusting to think she would do it again.


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  • She sounds as though she is one of those girls who needs change every now and then. She might be used to changing partners after the "excitement" or adrenaline rush some might feel when starting a new relationship. But this might be because she has trouble figuring out what she wants out of a partner or doesn't know exactly who she is yet and she just doesn't know it. I don't know if there is anything you can do because this is actually all on her part and you can't make her change. The reason I say this is because I am one of these girls.


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  • sounds like she met someone sorry you are hurt and you gave it another try with her,but now you have to accept that she is just not the one for you,and let her go so the right one can come along.


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  • It sounds like she is talking to other guy. cause I mean why would she be surprised to see you if you guys were dating for three years come on bro that doesn't make sense. you mine is well ask her is there someone eles

  • You should give up on this.