Should I give up on him?

so this guy said that he liked me and I tried to get to know him. we used to txt/talk 24/7. after getting to know him better I started to like him. then one night he tried to talk me into kissing him, but I didn't. now if I wanna txt/talk to him I have to text him first and if I don't text him I don't hear from him all day. I know he has work but even on his days off its the same thing. we're supposed to hang out this weekend but I don't know if I should try to further our relationship (like becoming his girlfriend) or should I just give up and move on.


Most Helpful Girl

  • honestly, I was in that situation before, I know how it feels because us girls we tend to play those hard to get move which is good if the guy is willing to try, but in your case it seems like he's letting you do all the work, I mean its all up to you, if you like this guy you can make it work but a little advice though if he's not doing the same thing as what you are doing then I suggest give up on him because I am pretty sure that there more guys out there that would deserve you a whole lot.

    Always have in mind, you are the girl! don't get yourself down there, always make them work for us, that way you"ll know they deserve you

    - best of luck to you