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Should I give up on him?

so this guy said that he liked me and I tried to get to know him. we used to txt/talk 24/7. after getting to know him better I started to like him.... Show More

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  • honestly, I was in that situation before, I know how it feels because us girls we tend to play those hard to get move which is good if the guy is willing to try, but in your case it seems like he's letting you do all the work, I mean its all up to you, if you like this guy you can make it work but a little advice though if he's not doing the same thing as what you are doing then I suggest give up on him because I am pretty sure that there more guys out there that would deserve you a whole lot.

    Always have in mind, you are the girl! don't get yourself down there, always make them work for us, that way you"ll know they deserve you

    - best of luck to you

What Guys Said 3

  • Talk to him in person. Work this problem out. The feeling of rejection sucks. Think about it in his position, if you tried to kiss someone you liked and they didn't want to kiss you, how would you feel? Exactly.

  • Yeah you shouldn't have rejected him. If you want to make this work, best to be direct and not play a game with him, and apologize for that incident.

  • Hmmm, ill agree with the answer saying most guys don't like texting, I know I hate it. I am 99% sure that he is just embarrassed. He probably sees it as him making himself vulnerable to you, and you rejecting him. Whether he went about it incorrectly or just too early is beside the fact. Rejection sucks haha. If I tried kissing a girl and she denied, improbably wouldn't make much effort either because its hard to go from feeling like that for someone to just hanging out with no weirdness

What Girls Said 4

  • no, talk to him!

  • no, just try to talk to him more in person

  • well just ask him to hang out and don't text him a lot. guys don't really care for texting.

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