Why is life so sad? I feel like the world is just too much.

I have never fit in to it and I feel like it is all so sad. Nothing I ever do brings me happiness, just more sadness. :(


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  • life could be happy too!


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  • You know I been feeling the same this past week.

  • do different stuff don't put your hapiness in a coupleo f things put it in yourslef and your family.

  • i don't knoe

  • I feel the same way. I feel like everyone else is happy except me. Nothing brings me happiness and I get bored easily.


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  • Well I don't think that it is for everyone. For me example, it hasn't really been that sad.

    • why

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    • both

    • Well for me, I've got a life with purpose and I've been fighting towards that goal the whole time, so I don't have time to waiste on getting sad. As for others, they found something they like, wether it is a job, hobby, emotions or something. And some have found happiness in doing nothing.