How do I know if a coworker likes me more than a friend?

I have a co-worker that I'm sort of crushing on. and to tell you the truth I think she likes me. I could be wrong. she either really likes me as a friend or as a potential boyfriend maybe? every time I say something at work she laughs and every time someone says something to me she laughs. when... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • haha im going through this right now, in fact i just posted a question about it. i think she does like you, but sometimes girls will flirt with the hot male worker for fun. I think you need to catch her out of work to determine the difference. I dont always ask the guys i like questions, my actions speak for me, does that make sense? ACTION PLAN: i think she does like you, perhaps you should suggest a work outing mix of guys and girls, take her aside and flirt with the notion. no doubt you both will be carefull though if your work has limits on who you can date work wise, so keep that in mind. she may like you but act reserved because of your work situation