Your favorite movie Easter egg

A lot of movies these days have a ton of hidden Easter eggs hidden in their frames. Disney loves to hide their Mickey's in the movies and Pixar references to past and up-coming movies in theirs. How about that one scene in the original TRON where you can see pac-man? Then there was the time when we realized Alien and Predator movies were set in the same universe in Predator 2!

some of my favorites (that later on blew my mind when I heard about them, and had to go back and see the movie) were:

George Harrison trying to get healed by the messiah-Brian, from Monty Pythons "Life of Brian"

In the beginning of "Watchmen" Night Owl is punching the robber (Joe Chill) who killed Mr. and Mrs. Wayne

In Iron Man 2, Agent Coulson had to leave because there was an "incident" in Southwest/New Mexico. Apparently Thor's hammer needed a babysitter more than Tony.

Those were just few of my favorite Easter eggs (and the once I can remember). Witch once are yours?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm a movie junkie, so there's a lot to count.

    The most RECENT one I saw was in Percy Jackson 2; Nathan Fillion plays... someone's dad. I don't want to give it away... but he makes a reference to a (fictional) TV show; he mentioned that it was one of the best TV shows out there, so it was, of course, cancelled after one season.

    Fillion was on a show called Firefly, which has a cult following, and it lasted one season.

    (Technically, it also works as an actor Easter egg because in most of the shows / movies he's in, you can find references to Firefly).

    Technically, I don't count them as Easter eggs, but I love the details in Back to the Future. Little things you don't notice, like Twin Pines mall becoming Lone Pine mall after Marty goes back in time and accidentally destroys a tree on the same land that the mall will be built on. (Oh, and Old Man Peabody (the farmer who owns the land) has a son named Sherman... a reference to Rocky and Bullwinkle, where Sherman and Mr Peabody go back in time).

    I like in Shaun of the Dead where a character explains the whole plot to the movie (toward the beginning) without you realizing it. There are tons of references in there because the guys are huge action flick geeks and zombie flick geeks.

    The Thing and Iron Man both have people giving away twists or secrets towards the beginning; we don't realize it because we don't speak the language.