Do you believe a dog's life is equal to a human life?

I was reading this study today about how 40% of people [in the US I think] would rather save their dog than a foreigner if a bus was about to hit both.


I've sort of noticed this trend on the internet where people will go nuts when they see a dog being abused, even slightly...but I don't often see the same sort of thing for humans. I was watching a VICE documentary a week ago about the taliban, and in the video there was a severed head of some guy who got blown up. The comments section was filled with people so nonchalant about it, as if they see it everyday. Then I remembered the following video where a U.S. soldier is teasing some puppy (doesn't even touch it mind you) and the commenters go nuts


I just noticed that in general, the internet has this love affair for dogs and cute creatures, sometimes forgetting that there are humans out there in worse shape. Look, I own a dog myself, and I love my dog. But there is noooooooo way I would save my dog's life over a human. I wouldn't even have to think about it. It has nothing to do with being politically correct or anything like that either. I just don't rank human lives below or even equal to a dog.

My belief is that all animals should be respected and not abused, but the bulk of my resources/efforts will always be for humans. If I thought a dog's life were equal to that of a humans, I would have to hesitate before making a choice of whether to save the human or the dog in the scenario described above. But that thought process doesn't even happen for me. Saving the human first seems like a no brainer. I'm curious though to hear everyone else's thoughts.

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  • I believe a dog's life is less important than a humans (NOTE: this does not mean you endorse animal cruelty in any way, shape or form)
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wow...a 50/50 split. Come on guys...really? xD


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  • I strongly believe that all animals should be protected to the fullest extent of the law. It's often said that around 99% of all life that has ever existed on Earth has gone extinct. We humans are the blight of our age when it comes to natural habitats and things like that. We need to learn to live alongside nature instead of destroying it. This is large scale I'm talking about though.

    If it came between having the opportunity to save a human or a dog from getting killed I would save the human every time regardless if s/he is foreign or not. I can empathize more with a human being considering I am one. I know they and their loved ones can feel pain just like I do and will feel that pain for a very long time if they lost someone special to them. A dog's life is precious to a family too but we all expect from the day we get a pet that it won't outlive us. We know that it will die after like 6-15 years depending on the breed of dog or cat. We steel ourselves against that moment. With human beings we act like our loved ones are immortal because the thought of losing them is just too great so if something tragic and unexpected does happen it is almost unbearable. I would never want to see another family go through that so that's why I would save the human every time.

    • Having said that I think humans have a pretty sick view of life and death even just considering the deaths of humans. We ignore the deaths from gang violence/death and other things that we consider to be "expected". A politician or someone famous gets shot or kills themselves and the whole country is up in arms in an uproar. We tend to think the prevention and safety of certain humans takes precedence over others which I think is morally twisted and sick.

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  • No. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my dogs but humans are more important than animals. I believe animals should be treated with respect and kindness but if it comes down to saving an animal's life or a human being, I'm going to save the human first.

    I don't care how bad someone treats me, they're life is still more important than an animal. I'm not saying aninals aren't important because they definitely are. I just think human beings lives trump that of an animal. Just my opinion.

    • yeah my thoughts mirror yours here

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    • Whaa? Man whatever que densen los dos juntos ma vale verga son de la misma calana! Chusma! I'm out of here

    • Lol :)

  • I'm torn. If it was some random human and my own dog, I think I'd save my dog. I'm sorry, but I see her as a little sister. She's not just a pet, she's family. I know it might be a crazy comparison to some, but wouldn't you rather save your own family instead of a stranger?

    Then again, I think this is a decision none of us can truly make unless we're put in that exact situation. Sure, we can all talk about what we think we would do, but none of us really know how we would react in a situation like that. It's easier said than done.

  • The life of a dog is less important than a human's life, but I'd still tempted to save the dog because dogs are wonderful creatures full of unconditional love and forgiveness. It would hurt me to let a being of such goodness die.

    If I had to choose, though, I would save a human. It would be a very difficult decision.

    • The belief that one life is less important than another is the root of all evil in this world

  • A dog's life is equal to any life human included but I'd probably still save the human, though, I kinda like animals more than I like people :P

  • i think all animals should be treated equally,including humans. I think we're more affected by dogs because so many of us have experienced being loved unconditionally-by a dog. they're like babies-they're cute,they depend on us,they love unconditionally,and they can't communicate things that would make us hate them. it depends on your experience with dogs.

  • if I had to save my dog or a random person I'm jumping for my dog first.

    • id save a random dog before the person. just being honest

  • I feel like animals are equal to us, I mean as a kid I was tought that god made everything for a reason. Some animals for us to eat and survive on as welll as some animals to surive on others. But I feel like animals esspically a dog doesn’t think like we do, meaning they don’t know if their about to get killed by a bus . But a human being now if their not paying attenchion and get hit it was their own damn fault, sad but I mean they can think for themselvs. Dogs can’t speak for themselvs they can’t tell us when something bad happens , so I feel like cruelty to them is worse to a kids , cause at least a child can speak up and say something to someone about it and heal over time.

  • No, they're not equal

    HOWEVER, it would be truly horrible to ever be put in that position where I had to choose a stranger over the family dog, they give such unconditional love, my collie follows me into the water and tries to "save" me every time I go swimming in the sea, and when I go kayaking she follows me along the shore line... so it would feel like a horrible kind of treachery to then not save her in return. yeah, saving the human is the always the right thing, obviously, but I'd still feel crap about it.

  • Yes

  • It's not up to us to decide whether our lives are more valuable than the lives of other species.

  • I believe that all life is sacred but I general animals are more vulnerable and they need our love and protection they love without condition they protect us without fear of being harmed themselves they are kinder than humans and they danger they face is not of their own doing but due to human doing save the dogs

  • I think dogs are very understanding of humans and are humans best friends. they can communicate with each other, and therefore dogs have this sort of human qualities. but when dogs do something wrong like pee on the carpet, I think the owner is frustrated but understanding of the dog because he's able to separate the dog from humans. whereas if a human peed on a carpet, the owner of thee house would get pissed and angry as he would think a human would have comman sense to not pee on the carpet. So I would understand the love owners would have for their dogs and how strong that friendship would be that it would make the dog higher than any humans for the owner.

  • I love animals. And I would much sooner save an animal than a human.. They are gentle, kind, and innocent creatures living on this earth with humans. Humans who have destroyed, abused, and taken advantage of their home. Humans are full of hate and cruelty while animals are full of love and instinct. The only animal I am afraid of on this earth is humans. So.. I actually hold a dogs life (and other animals) to have more value than humans, they can do no wrong.

    • Exactly what you said this guy is saying humans are in worse shape then dogs and other cute creatures yet we are bringing animals to their extinction there is only 30 amur leopards left in the wild & he says humans are in worse shape!

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    • Many animals would kill you, just like that, if you were obstructing their path. Try a bear in the woods for instance. Looks nice and furry and strokable, very much so.

    • @jacquesvol: yeah, they would. But they're doing it out of instinct, not out of hatred. And a bear will warn you a few times before attacking so if you don't get the hint that's your own damn fault.

  • I think dogs are less conscious than people so it seems like their happiness matters less but I love my dog more than any human.

  • I understand the first section you wrote about with the foreigner vs your own dog. I think that makes sense really... you have no connection to the foreigner, but the dog is your pet, friend, etc. You have an emotional attachment to the dog, whereas none to the foreigner. I think that study makes a lot of sense actually.

  • Speciesism is one of the most accepted discriminatory double-standards in our society. But unlike with racism and sexism, I don't see any change in the near future, or at all.

  • I can't believe how dumb most of the people answering this are. It shouldn't make me angry, but it actually is.

    I love animals. I'm almost 20 and I still get super excited every time I go to the zoo or aquarium. I'm very good with animals and I befriend strays and other peoples' pets with ease.

    However, an animal's life is DEFINITELY NOT worth the same as a human's. The fact that so many people are saying that they'd save a dog before a human is pretty disgusting and it shows how arrogant they all are. Do you think any of them wouldn't be super pissed if somebody had to choose between saving a dog and saving them and they were left to die because that person chose the f***ing dog? If you'd rather be saved than have a dog be saved (ps: everyone would, even if they won't admit it) then you should allow other people the same human right.

    SMH, people.

    • haha, yeah I really don't get it. I mean, yes of coarse you're going to love your dog but lets not beat around the bush. If you had the choice to save either your puppy that you've had for a few years and a young human kid (even if you don't know the kid)..i mean who are you honestly going to save?

    • If you could only save one, id save the human probably 10 times out of 10.

    • I would have to seriously hate the human and seriously love the dog in order to save the dog.

  • I voted B, I absolutely love animals, but a human life is more important than an animal life, maybe people go nuts about animals because we often view them as defenceless creatures oppose to a human being, and we tend to defend the weaker one, also violence on humans is so common we are getting used to seeing it, we see violence on humans everyday on the news, movies, videogames, etc. If I have the choice to save a human or a dog, I'd save the human, though I'd still feel horrible I couldn't save the dog as well, but if you tell me to choos between saving a complete stranger's life or my dog's, the one with whom I've grown, we've been together for 12 years, he's always been there for me, giving me love unconditionally, willing to give his life up for me, sometimes he's been closer to me than any human, it's amazing how he knows me, he knows when I'm not OK and when I'm ill and without talking he can comfort me better than any human, I know he's a dog but I love him like a brother, if you tell me to sacrifice him over some randon human I don't even know, I'm sorry for the human but I'm saving my beloved dog, for me he has more value than some people I've met, still again animal life has less value than human beings, but some human beings can be so cruel and horrible that any animal has more value than them, sometimes humans can be more inhumane than animals. This is my honest opinion :)

    • Interesting. I don't think I could do that honestly, but I do respect your opinion

    • Thanks and I respect yours :)

  • Of course. I hate all mankind.

  • Dogs have always been so much better to me than human beings. I love dogs, and they're always part of the family, not just pets.

    I think people go nuts about animal abuse because it's like child abuse. A dog, by nature, is innocent, without ill intention, etc. So people react to that innocence.

    I voted A.

    PS - I'm really sorry I watched that second link. I get so disturbed by people being mean to dogs. It says so much about someone if they're being cruel to a defenseless animal. Ugh! What is funny about scaring an already lost and scared puppy? People are so sick.

    In that case, I'd save that dog WAY before I'd lift a finger for those guys. Just saying...

    • okay but we're talking about saving a random foreigner here, not these soldiers.

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    • Well people do slip up. I mean, accidents still happen despite how smart we may be

    • I understand that.

      I still say my instinct would be to protect my own, regardless of species.

  • In some cases


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  • -> A human life is worth more than a dog's life.

    -> There are some humans I'd probably not save over the average dog, but they are exceptions.

    -> While in theory 'a human life' is worth much more than 'a dog', it is hard to save a human you don't know over a dog you've known and loved for years. I'm not surprised 40% of people would save their dog over a random person, I rather suspect that number would plummet if you asked about a random dog over a random person.

  • A dog? So. Why a dog?

    And a mouse, A rat? A chicken? A mole? A wasp? A spider with hairy legs? A fly? A mosquito? A cockroach?

    • I chose a dog because the study chose a dog. I just wanted to see if the results here would be similar

    • I bet that if another species was named in the poll the results would be vastly different. But then, in Europe we eat horses , in China dogs, in some parts of Europe peasants will shoot a rat and cook it. In Africa you can buy grashoppers to eat.

      We once had an American guest (16 yo boy) When he did see a butcher's shop with a plaster horse head above the entrance, he made us promise never to serve him horse steak. :) A bit like a Muslim reacting to pork. Of course we could have fooled him.

  • I voted B (as politically incorrect it may be).

    Human life is more important, not saying a dog's life isn't, but cmon now!

  • I agree, I never truly owned a dog when growing up but in the recent years, my best friend had a dog who was really friendly to me every time I was there. He would jump on me in the morning when I slept over and lick me, I would play with him most of the time when I was there and fall asleep with him in my lap.

    Even after all these new experiences, I would still value both lives as important and try to save the human in the situation you listed as an example. I would try to save both but if not both then the human.

    A dog might show love but a human could do the same thing and bring more help to the world in the future.

  • It really depends on the specific human and the specific dog that were in question of needing to be saved. If a dog is vicious and is more likely to harm/kill others and the human is an innocent person, then I'd save the human. If the human was a convicted felon, and the felony that they were convicted with was something extreme such as rape or murder and the dog was a happy go-lucky dog then I'd save the dog without a moment's hesitation.

  • Well to be honest if they were about to be hit by a bus I'd probably just stand there like a retard in shock and then hear splat and stand there like a retard in worse shock and then I'd probably call an ambulance and freak out. So they both die xD

    But human ranks well above dog. I mean yeah sure a dog loves you unconditionnally blablabla, and that's amazing. And I love dogs, they're cute and fluffy and friendly (except the psycho ones that attack you). But they're still a dog. But seriously? You'd save a dog over a human? First of all what kind of a sick f*** does that. Like put yourself in the dude's shoes. Would you rather the dog be saved and your life ends cause someone thinks the dog is cuter, or would you rather see a dog die. Personally I'd rather the dog takes the hit. And I'd also rather the dog takes the hit when it's not me.

    Also if I rank a dog having the same value as a human being, then I'll have the same expectations towards it as I would towards a human being. Eg: being a contributive member to society. And I'd give it the right to vote. And it would eat at my dinnertable. But that is f***ing retarded, so I'll keep the dog in the dog's place. As a cute pet. Not as replacement human.

    • personally I just couldn't live with myself if I let a dog live over a human. It just doesn't sit well with me

    • It's inhuman. The dog is cute and loving. But that's it's only qualities. It doesn't have a family, people depending on him, kids, a wife, friends, a job. It won't ruin lives if the dog dies. It will be sad and shocking but it's still just a dog.

  • This explains it pretty well, even though it's about food, it's the same thing how how we relate to a dog vs a person. link

  • @Do you believe a dog's life is equal to a human life?

    They both are no different to me and are equally absurd, if not connected to me in any way.

  • anyone who says it is equal to a human life is doing our species wrong.

    • poll results are 50/50 haha

    • lots of idiots in our world :\ as much as I love dogs, cats, etc, and would preach to treat them well and not let them be abused, I wouldn't value them higher than a human.

  • human life over dog WTF why is this 50/50

    humans have a family kids (maybe) and live to be eighty and contribute to society

    dogs have owners and all they do is sh*t piss and eat a dog lives for 20 years if its lucky...

    theres a reason you get life in prison for murder and not for shooting a dog I hope people were joking when they put A...

    • Well its kind of what I was talking about lol. There's a huge push towards seeing dogs as equals to humans. I mean, as much as I love my dog, I wouldn't choose to save its life over a random foreigner. I mean damn...

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    • I already doubt my fellow man anyway, haha!

    • yea but just to think me or a dog and the dog wins is pretty chilling...

  • You know the dog, you do not know the person. We cannot all be saints.

  • So we should stop training dogs saving people's life and stick with people just saving people and also stop dogs from detecting bombs before packages are loaded to a plane and stop them also from detecting cancer and other type of diseases? Dogs have helped us so I think we should also have the time to save a dog. Can you tell me of any other animal that can do the same stuff that a dog can do for a human?

    If I was in a situation where there is a human and a dog hurt I will definitely pull the human to safety first then go for the dog or if I was capable of caring both of them on my shoulder I will do it.

  • Of course we are equal, including all other animals! According to scientists there is strong evidence that all living organisms on Earth are descended from a common ancestor, called the last universal ancestor or LUA (or last universal common ancestor, LUCA). I've noticed the majority of people in here are atheist so you must remember that we came from a monkey! So it makes us an animal! So we are all equal no matter what you say.

    So just like people complain about interracial dating we are all humans who cares about the color! Well like I said all people & animals are equal just that our intelligence has surpassed those of our relatives the animals. Some animlas share common DNA like Chimpanzees & Orangutans.

    This is like discrimination just because they walk in four legs, have fur, bark they're not equal? LMFAO they breath like us, they have emotions, they feed their young and eat.

    Just like Rise Of The Planet of the Apes what if a monkeys intelligence becomes the same as ours are they going to be equal now?

    What happens if an alien race comes to earth? If they do that means they're far more intelligent then us are they going to be equal? I'm not arguing about who I would save first I just want to prove you that everyone is equal!

    And as far as you saying people get sad when they see a dog or animal being abused. Don't people start complaining when they see police abuse go to YouTube & you will see all this people caring about other people they don't know!

    Same goes with famous people! Now you answer me why aren't dogs & animals equal to us? Is it because they can't read or write if it is what is a mentally challenged person to you then?

    Now for your other question! I will save the one I will see more hurt & you don't think there would be more people in the place of the accident I will maybe say hey you get the guy I get the dog.

    1 more thing without bugs we wouldn't be here. And I got another more tougher question who would you rather save a plant/tree that gives us the oxygen to breathe or a human?

  • Equal. Humans may be more capable, intelligent etc but they do way more damage to other species and to the planet than dogs I'd say. People are capable of horrible things like creating a nuclear bomb or arranging genocide, dogs can just bite you or tear a guy apart at the worst.

    If it came down to choosing between killing a dog and killing some random stranger I'd kill the stranger (yes even if it was Little Timmy O'Toole, a 9 year old in a wheelchair). If it was between a dog and a loved one or myself, I'd kill the dog. Maybe I am self-centered but I value a dog more than some guy I've never met.

  • That's a little sad honestly. I love animals, but their lives are not equivalent to a persons. I'd always save the person first, and then go back for the dog.

  • I think animal abuse is immoral.

    But it would be racist/speciesist to claim that other creatures are equal to humans or have the same rights. They don't. Rights have corresponding obligations. The right not to be murdered entails the obligation not to murder. Non-humans do not have the rational capacity to adhere to obligations. They can't be put on trial. They can't be held responsible for their own actions. They don't own any property. To recognize the non-existent 'rights' of non-humans would be to hold humans and non-humans to different standards, and therefore that would elevate non-humans above humans all in the name of alleged 'equality'.

    At some point in the future, we may meet some extra-terrestrial species that is intelligent and rationally functional. They would have rights. At the moment, only humans have rights.

    Unfortunately, many people form their views on the basis of emotion these days, not reason.

    • By the way, I own two cats. I spend a lot of money on them and take good care of them. I have never once abused them, and I think it would be immoral to do so. But, they don't have rights.