Do you believe a dog's life is equal to a human life?

I was reading this study today about how 40% of people [in the US I think] would rather save their dog than a foreigner if a bus was about to hit both.


I've sort of noticed this trend on the internet where people will go nuts when they see a dog being abused, even slightly...but I don't often see the same sort of thing for humans. I was watching a VICE documentary a week ago about the taliban, and in the video there was a severed head of some guy who got blown up. The comments section was filled with people so nonchalant about it, as if they see it everyday. Then I remembered the following video where a U.S. soldier is teasing some puppy (doesn't even touch it mind you) and the commenters go nuts


I just noticed that in general, the internet has this love affair for dogs and cute creatures, sometimes forgetting that there are humans out there in worse shape. Look, I own a dog myself, and I love my dog. But there is noooooooo way I would save my dog's life over a human. I wouldn't even have to think about it. It has nothing to do with being politically correct or anything like that either. I just don't rank human lives below or even equal to a dog.

My belief is that all animals should be respected and not abused, but the bulk of my resources/efforts will always be for humans. If I thought a dog's life were equal to that of a humans, I would have to hesitate before making a choice of whether to save the human or the dog in the scenario described above. But that thought process doesn't even happen for me. Saving the human first seems like a no brainer. I'm curious though to hear everyone else's thoughts.

  • Vote A I believe a dog's life is equal to a human life
  • Vote B I believe a dog's life is less important than a humans (NOTE: this does not mean you endorse animal cruelty in any way, shape or form)
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wow...a 50/50 split. Come on guys...really? xD


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  • I strongly believe that all animals should be protected to the fullest extent of the law. It's often said that around 99% of all life that has ever existed on Earth has gone extinct. We humans are the blight of our age when it comes to natural habitats and things like that. We need to learn to live alongside nature instead of destroying it. This is large scale I'm talking about though.

    If it came between having the opportunity to save a human or a dog from getting killed I would save the human every time regardless if s/he is foreign or not. I can empathize more with a human being considering I am one. I know they and their loved ones can feel pain just like I do and will feel that pain for a very long time if they lost someone special to them. A dog's life is precious to a family too but we all expect from the day we get a pet that it won't outlive us. We know that it will die after like 6-15 years depending on the breed of dog or cat. We steel ourselves against that moment. With human beings we act like our loved ones are immortal because the thought of losing them is just too great so if something tragic and unexpected does happen it is almost unbearable. I would never want to see another family go through that so that's why I would save the human every time.

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      Having said that I think humans have a pretty sick view of life and death even just considering the deaths of humans. We ignore the deaths from gang violence/death and other things that we consider to be "expected". A politician or someone famous gets shot or kills themselves and the whole country is up in arms in an uproar. We tend to think the prevention and safety of certain humans takes precedence over others which I think is morally twisted and sick.