Why do women want Edward Cullen!?

Yes oh yes I asked the question.

Edwards traits:

Caring, Kind, Compassionate, Strong, Secure, and very knowledgeable.

What turns women on most about this type of man? Out of all my research locally with women and reading online it seems like the bad-boy wins in the end VS. the real life version of edward cullen.

IF Edwards character was an exact replica of a real life man, wouldn't you be a little creeped out from him watching you as you sleep? -- How about the fact that he puts your life in danger?

I'm not trying to be sick-minded - I'm trying to get a point across because I'm tired of seeing post after post about women's crushes on an actor, leading to the mis-heartened men on this website.

I know I have a valid point, anyone care to dictate over this issue and hopefully resolve my thoughts? Thank you any commentary is appreciated =)


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  • I'm not gonna pretend to know all the answers haha, but here's what I think.

    I agree that his intensity has a lot to do with it. He loves Bella purely and completely; he would do absolutely anything for her. I think a lot of girls long for that. The fact that he also has a dangerous element (he could possibly kill her if he's not careful enough) I guess makes it more risky, or challenging. I'm sure that's probably a part of the story to make the romance more interesting, and it generally works.

    Something I personally liked is how mature his character is meant to be (MEANT to be, though that isn't always the case). He has a century of knowledge and self-discipline, old-fashioned manners, and isn't superficial. Basically, he's pretty good at being charming.

    But I'm not such a completely obsessed fan to the point where I'd say he's perfect, because he's not, at least not in my opinion.

    He can be very controlling over Bella; yes it's because he cares about her, but he gets to the point where he won't even listen to her point of view because he thinks he knows what's best for her all the time. I know that really annoyed me while reading.

    His angst is also a bit too much at times, what with the whole "I'm such a monster, I'm horrible, I don't deserve love." It gets a little repetitive.

    I think it's a nice idea to have a character like that, but it's fiction for a reason; it's so incredible that it couldn't exist. I mean, what would you do with someone who was so intense all the time? It's nice to read about, but having it would be different, less magical I guess.

    And I have fuming opinions on Robert haha, I really don't like him. I think his acting was barely enough to scrape by and that the fans just love him because he's playing someone who's supposed to be perfect. I understand that they can't find an actor who would be gorgeous and perfect for everyone, but they definitely could've gotten better than him.

    Anyway, don't know if that was helpful at all because I kind of figured it out as I went, but there you go :]

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      Absolutely wonderful - and a pleasant read mind you. You covered all the bases I was talking about and not keeping it solely on looks or feelings but went more indepth on actions! I would strongly recommend a career in writing because you kept my attention the whole way, while also stimulating my mind into thinking for myself.

      That is a great point I wasnt aware of regarding edward being controlling of Bella. Thanks for your insight!

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      Aw thank you :D

      Yeah a writing career is probably my best bet at this point according to other people haha.