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Question:Why do the parents want me to get married?

I am a 28 Year old guy. My parents want me to find a girl and get married just like most other guys. But they should keep in mind that I am not... Show More

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  • Don't bother listening to your parents. It's your life, not theirs.

What Girls Said 1

  • there are a lot of really short women in the world. a lot of guys are balding in there 30s.

    • Really short? How short? And won't we look odd , a very tiny couple and pass on vertically challenged genes further?

      Balding head with gorilla furry body isn't too appealing I think ,or is extremely sexy thing! :-p

What Guys Said 3

  • Dude, describing yourself isn't going to help you.

    There are quite a few women who aren't bigger than you are.

    You are balding ? Welcome to guys' world.

    You are hairy ? Welcome to guys' world.

    You parents want grandchildren, and don't see why you wouldn't find someone. So keep trying, you will find.

    • Not many are smaller than me. I rarely see many. Most tower over me and have big strong hands and feet. And I don't want to pass on my bad genes of short height, baldness and extreme hairiness.

  • They're not the boss of you.

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