Ex girlfriend has a new boyfriend...we just broke up...what is everyone's thoughts about facebook relationships...

hello out there,

my girlfriend and I of 11 months broke up a week ago today.

it was "mutual," however I was the one who officially ended.

when browsing her facebook today I saw she was already in a relationship with a new guy.

now, I think facebook relationships are stupid.

when I start dating a girl the first thing I do isn't say "we are dating now...lets make it official on facebook." it isn't necessary at all if you ask me. when me and my ex girlfriend dated we never put our relationship on facebook. we were happy with each other no matter if it said it on a web site or not.

should I put any stake into this?

i mean it can bs -- it can be a dumb joke to screw with me.

it can be serious, but maybe they are just seeing or dating each other and not really boyfriend and girlfriend.

i know we are broke up...so why should I care?

i thought there was a chance after being away for sometime we'd get back together.

that is why I am upset now.



Most Helpful Girl

  • First off, I'm right there with you with the facebook relationships. The fact that some people feel the need to publicize their relationships so that everyone can see them and they can feel good about themselves is beyond me. With that being said, it's COMPLETELY immature to make up a boyfriend in order to make someone jealous. you know your ex better than any of us do. does she seem like she would be capable of steeping that low just to raise her self-esteem? It is possible that she actually does have a new boyfriend this soon. often times girls who have been in relationships and break up hate the feeling of being alone again and quickly move on to another guy. She might not be as attached to him as she was to you, but in her mind someone is better than no one. My advice would just be to ask her about it. You don't have to interrogate her and make her feel uncomfortable, just merely ask how she's been and mention that you noticed her status changed and ask who the guy is. And then you'll have the answer to your question...