Deflorated and now sex with a virgin?

I am going to have sex with this guy these days. We both do not want a committed serious relationship, but I find him very attractive, so we concluded we should just have sex.

But the thing is, sex with my ex wasn't a bless. We did it 2-3 times only. I'm still not 100% completely deflorated... it's probably the size. When we broke up I started with a dildo and there was still blood. I went to a doctor and she said there's nothing to worry about after examining me, because my hymen turned out to be thick and everything else is fine.

But I fear that the guy I'm going to have sex with might be a virgin. I asked him how many he'd been with and he said: "Not much... nvm." Apart from that, what if there's even more blood? Should I tell him the truth? It might be a turnoff. I was the once to initiate the sex thing.


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  • Well you aren't a virgin anymore but you could tell the guy your going to be sleeping with that your hymen hasn't fully broken and that there may be blood because of when he tares it.

  • First of all, sex is a serious thing, and you shouldn't just do it with someone because you find them "attractive." Sex ties your mind, heart, and soul to a person, and if you don't really care about him like that, then I would suggest not doing it.

    But, if you really do care about him, just tell him! Tell him you're not a virgin, and that you might still bleed, etc. Sure, blood might be a turn-off, but imagine what a turn-off it would be if he DIDN'T know about it and you bled on him during sex!

    The most important thing when it comes to sex is communication.

    • That's true. Sorry I didn't include all perspectives.

    • Answerer: Everybody approaches sex differently. Some people CAN just have casual sex without all the strings. It's just your way of thinking that ties your mind, heart and soul to a person . . .

    • We're friends. And I don't think sex ties your mind in anyway... I mean, I'm not that kind of person. :) Thanks for the answer though! Kisses.

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