Best sex position for virgins?

What would be the best sex position for having sex with a virgin? (My girlfriend is a virgin and we're thinking about having sex) I was thinking missionary


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    i lost my one cowgirl style. it gives the girl control on how much goes in. missionery is great also, but the girl has less control, but this one is better if the girl is really worried about if she will be "good" in bed because the emphasis is on the guy.

    • yes the hymen is gone but the whole is still tight because the vagina is not use to having a penis inside of it and the girl is not use to the feeling so she is still adjusting to it so it still hurts a few times afterward. I haven't done doggy style as yet, I will in the future. I will never do 'arse-mouth'.

    • Really? I thought once it's broken it's broken... adios hymen, hello anything?!?!?!

      You've never done doggy!?!?!? Ohhhhhhh nooooooo, you've SOOOOOOO much more 'glorious', 'wonderful' things to experiance... 'arse-mouth'... do you know what I mean by this?... FANTASTIC, the reason females have an anus and a mouth

    • i think the second time is still too early for doggy style. the first few times, sex will still hurt.

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  • That or both side laying

    • interesting

  • missionary

    • right

  • Doggy... nice and deep, bye bye hymen

    • am I the MQA? umm I guess, it's not like I'm gonna be on this asking questions all the time haha

    • Because I'd take pleasure in knowing I was causing her pain? As if I don't know doggy would cause her pain... ' nice and deep, bye bye hymen'... does this not suggest sarcasm?... I'm happy to hear you know I was joking ;) hahahaha

      And Mr.Question.Asker (do you mind if I call you MQA? Sounds good hahaha) doggy isn't crazy... it's nice, pleasurable, deep d***ed sex... mmmmmmmm nice and deep ;) hahahaha

    • i know you're joking but for her first time I'm not gonna try anything crazy

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  • yeah typically missionary for the girls first...

    • yeah bra its all good =P

    • that's what I was thinking thanks!