Are guys nervous when having sex with a girl who is a virgin?

what is going through your mind, for guys that have had sex with a virgin, just wondering. Thank you!

And update! You wouldn't get frustrated if she didn't get off the first time, would you?

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  • I think a lot of guys might not want to have sex with her if she is a virgin. Unless they are in a serious relationship. Because the first time is emotionally significant and she will probably always remember it. They would probably be worried about hurting her.

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    No, but virgin girls are for long term relationships especially marriage

    • to answer the update, no I wouldn't get frustrated! id try to make her come with my mouth before I go in anyway

    • if we love the girl and she is a virgin its even better but its like a dominance thing for most guys and I think most guys would love to marry a virgin

    • I like that answer lol

  • I'm quite the opposite. If I know she is a virgin, I will tell her to hit me up later. I'm not going to be the one who takes that from her. Sure I'm a great lover but how awful is it to start off with something great? You think that everyone is amazing then and what a disappointment.

    Plus virgins tend to be rather clingy. I made that rule after the first one. Went back on the rule with another and kicking myself for it. So no virgins for me. :)

    • Ok well that makes sense then if we are talking like late 20-30 haha

    • I'm a bit older and I tend to date women in the mid to late 20's and even in their 30's. If she is still a virgin at that age, I would pass. I certainly don't want her wondering what else is out there. She can have her fun, test the water, and if we both feel the same later then we can build on that.

    • ya but you would take her virginity if you really liked her or fell for her right? would it really matter? I honestly believe the idea of a virgin being clingy after sex is not completely true because some girls don't give a sh*t. I know I don't

  • ive had with a few and honestly I stay very aware of the situation. hows she breaths and moans is important. because I don't want to hurt her or make any discomfort. obviously aiming for more then just this one time. making her first time the best time.

    the importance is proper pleasure without hurting her.

    • wow you seem like a nice guy aha. but have you ever had problems where you could get it in? especailly because the first time isn't very pleasurable. if you know what I mean

  • I'm a virgin but I think it would be amazing to share together, I would be super turned on and excited. Just would love to eat her out and dominate her

    • are virgin guys a turn off?

    • ahaa yes that is very true!

    • yeah, but too bad virgin girls hate virgin guys. I know ill be all for pleasing her and no its not like we have no clue. almost every guy is raised on p*rn, don't say we don't know what to do

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  • OMG f***ing virgins is so hot. taking a girl's virginity... what a special and hot moment... it doesn't get better than that...