What does this mean? Does she generally like me?

If a girl said something like this in a email does it generally mean she likes me?

Hey babe glad your getting home soon can't wait to see you

~Kayla <33


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    She called you "babe" and she can't wait to see you... of course she likes you.

  • Yes, she does!

  • Absolutely she's interested! Go for it!

  • Definitely

  • Sounds pretty positive, yeah :)

  • it is pretty obvious that she likes you, she called you babe and she can't wait to see you, she's glad you are getting home and she wrote hearts. I guess it is very obvious that she likes you.

  • Yes, yes she does like you.

  • sounds good man, go for it !

  • Oh congrats Man! She really likes you, 'Babe" And "hearts" are saying everything. Go ahead and Don't miss the chance!

    All the Best :)