What's on your reading list?

I'm looking for something new to read. What're you reading right now?

Why am I so awkward?

Why am I so awkward? Like seriously? At rehearsals today we were doing a test to see how far someone is willing to go. You had to give...

Do you prefer markers, crayons, or colored pencils for coloring and why?

For me coloured pencils for sure. As much as I love markers, I get this weird anxiety when I use them to actually color things, like...

The art of farting?

there's an art to a good fart no? Is farting art? It can be a great form of self expression.

How do you feel about being the other gender today😜?

It's obviously April fools today and G@G has swapped our genders!! 😋 Guys, how do your boobs feel?😉 Girls, are you satisfied with...


Did you know your friendly neighborhood super saiyan has been an artist since he was 11?

This was when i was a kid. I was going through my old stuff. I've got plenty more to share. But only if Gag keeps the artsy fartsy...

How many Nerf Darts should I make this holder for?

I got tired of the constant nerf dart mess and I wanted to clean it up. Something like this will make it so I can have it nice and neat....