Do you guys think my boyfriend will come back to me?

I guess we broke up. I am not sure. I was so disappointed at him ignoring me for over 12 days then just saying hi. We are not new in the relationship. It has been 8 months. He used to do this sometimes and then say he has been busy.

This time I ran out of patience I guess. I just told him that he was pretending to care and love but he never did and that he was using me. He was angry a bit and said he was busy.

*Did I make things worse or was I right?
* Should I just forget him or text him a nice message? Won't that be like begging him to come back?
* we have great chemistry. His eyes say he loves me and also everything he does. But when he is away I worry a lot and he can forget me. I just don't understand.


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  • Following several days of no or very limited contact with you, and after finding out he intentionally ignored you in as many days, you should have deleted his number and returned his thing without an explanation. It is, hands down, unacceptable and it unapologetically should not be tolerated under normal circumstances.

    He does not respect you, nor he is concerned about your feelings. It's a symbolic sign of his selfishness, am I wrong? Yeah, I know, it's a rhetorical question.

    Look, I know that you have history with the guy, but it is imperative that you do not apologize or make excuses for him. And what ever you decide, do not let him off with a mere smack on the hand. Don't compromise your principles to be this guy, or any guy, for that matter. Otherwise, he, or guys like him, will likely continue to attempt to disrespect you.

    I have zero tolerance for such nonsense.

    • Thanks a lot.

      Yes, this is what my brain tells me. I hope I can get over him quickly because I love him and he knows.

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