Why am I so mean to my ex boyfriend?

(I'm 18 by the way)
My ex dumped me about 5 months ago. We were together for a year. I loved him dearly from the beginning till the end and he dumped me because he said he didn't have feelings for me anymore. I was super depressed but eventually pretty much got over it, I'm happy now and I don't want or need a boyfriend anymore and I don't think about him much really. He tried to continue being "friends" with me until I finally told him I had no interest in being friends or talking to him at all and I cut him out completely (blocked him from Facebook and just never spoke to him again)
But I'm forced to see him a lot at school. When I do see him, I get this weird urge to be rude to him. When he looks at me I have flicked him off before lol and sometimes when he approaches me I just say "f*ck you". I know it's immature of me. But it happens in the moment and it's like it's a reflex. I was wondering why I feel the need to do this? Especially after 5 months has passed and I don't even think about him anymore when I don't have to see him.


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  • The only thing you are showing everyone is that you have feelings for him still, otherwise why not just be civil to each other. You have made this behaviour a reaction because he hurt you, and you have never forgave him for that, but you really need to change this, otherwise it will be you who people generate an opinion about, not him, x


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  • Could you still be hurt about him breaking up with you? I would more or less think so. I don't know of any other reason to push away the guy in such a rude fashion.


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  • I suppose you still like him that is why you give him negative attention. If you reacted like that I would try to elicit those responses it is very sexy.


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