Guys how do you feel when a girl ends it?

So me and my guy friend have been 'kicking it' shall I say for the last 9 months, we've spoken 1-4 times every week and grew closer. I ended up with some attachment & had to bring up the dreaded four words 'we need to talk' the other night. He said 'me and you there's nothing.' I ended up saying that I think we should stop talking to each other. He went ape **** at this (the only time he's started an argument with me) he said some things like 'I hardly ever see you as it is.' & when I reassured him I just meant through text he said 'it's kinda **** as I did enjoy bantering with you.'

This was 2 days ago. During that time he's tweeted (right after our convo finished) 'why do I make such bad mistakes? I thought we grew wiser with age? #missedchance & also retweeted the name for the fear of change. He also changed his bio from a lot of sexual, manly things to basically saying sport was all that matters. He also apparently hasn't been able to sleep.

So I'm just wondering how guys react when a girl who's been in your life for nearly a year cuts ties with you? And how you feel?


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  • i feel like shit and i get angry at them. but at least you gave him an explination as to why you wanted to cut things off with him. i never get one , i just get cut off

    • Likewise Ocicatlvr, no explanation =)

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    • lol I said I was immature =)

    • ohh ok. well in that case she was wrong to cut you off like that

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  • Its hard to grasp, something we are totally powerless to, and to fill the void, yes we throw ourselves into activity physically demanding because us guys find it hard to deal with emotions, and that's exactly what he would be feeling, rejected and unwanted, x

  • I was devastated, saw it coming..but she still led me on until the day she ended it. I played tennis and bawled my eyes out (I am such a baby) =) It hurt that she did not even talk to me face to face or tell me why she was breaking up. I found out it was for another guy LIKE ALWAYS =) I gave myself closure. now I am single and just being patient..never again never again

    • She was my first girlfriend I saved everything for.

    • i would have wanted to kill the guy though lol

    • Haha he didn't do anything to my knowledge and if she chooses to be with him that is her choice =) it is her loss right? =)

  • So you were just a friend right? or were you two having sex?

    • We did sexual things but never actually had intervourse.

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    • Just give it a shot. Then let him go. Don't be "mean" during the confrontation... just be sweet and ask him why. Say you think you two would be good together. Just be sweet about it.

      If he still doesn't come around then just let him go.

    • I'll try it! Thank you.

  • My ex broke up with me on text.. I cried all week


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