Guys? How does my ex feel about me?

We broke up 2 months ago. He broke up bc he left the state for 2 months. He kept a note I gave him when we first started dating. We see each other every day except weekends.

I told him that I miss him and he was okay wit it but didn't respond when I said sorry for our relationship failing over text.

He kept a note I gave him telling him I love him in da front of his book. He sometimes smile at me (the day after I sent him da text he smiled and still talked to me).

So how does he feel?
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  • i don't think he has moved on i think he just doesn't know what he wants in life and still trying to find himself and get his life together just understand its hard for anyone to first of all move to another state redo everything now a days people are giving up very easily even in long distant relationships people don't wanna try as much as the other person who really loves them that would do anything for them its possible for you guys to work out but it maybe harder apart then easy when you guys were together most guys usually wanna be able to be financially stable before wanting anything with someone and it takes two people to want the same thing so even if he's a little lost right now he will figure out what is best for him or what he really wants in the end it may take him a while but don't panic now a days its hard for anyone to find the right person most people are hung up on there exs or the person who really cared out of all the people they met and dated so im sure whatever kind of phase he's going threw he will overcome it and come back to you but you half to be patient and stop trying enough for him to realize and care enough to come back to you when he's ready im sure you have done enough to make him realize and know that he is always welcome back into your life and that you love him now time will tell hun.

    • I liked your answer the best.

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  • Sweetheart, EX means GONE, find another friend, SO easy!


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