Why do I miss a guy who wasn't good to me?

He wasn't good to me and he never would commit so I wouldn't have sex but we still used to make out and fool around and we had a very strong passionate connection. I felt very strongly attached to him and I had to walk away bc it was all turning into a big mind game he was playing me but I miss him so much. Why?

And I really don't hate myself.


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  • that is how women are. they miss guys who werent good to them and even worse they dont learn from history and just repeat the same mistakes.

    • Classy, bro.

    • classy , do you see how many threads there are on this site that are made by women who complain about jerks , users , and assholes? they all basically say the same thing , they complain about falling for jerks and that there are no nice guys out there

    • yea we believe that since guys like you think all women are bad and that we are only good for sex and procreation which you said in a question I asked lol

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  • Yeah, sometimes it happens that way. You're only human, of course you are going to miss him. You had feelings for him. Do not hate yourself for it. I am sure he misses you as well.


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  • Cause we always hoping ass holes change.they never do at least not for you!.let him go girl ! Let him be someone's else's piece of shit !!!

    • and that is what is the biggest problem with women right there. they always think they can change their men , but it is impossible.

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