Why did my ex keep checking out my online dating profile?

me and my ex broke up about a week ago we didn't date that long just two and a half months. I think it was because he wanted to be single. he unfriended on Facebook because I posted a status he didn't like and than after he unfriended me I posted a picture that said I look so good without you, and he texted me saying " I like how you post things like we meant absolutely nothing, I really wish we could be friends but apparently not" and he told me he could never hate me, im still a great person, he'll always love me and never forget me" well a couple hours after we broke up I found out he made a dating website so I made one too, and he viewed it than I decided to delete it, but I got bored so I made it again, and he viewed it again, after he viewed it he deleted his account. but than yesterday he made it again and viewed my site again. why would he keep doing that? and I have his hat I want to give back to him but I don't know whether I should contact him about it. he sometimes still comes into the gym I work at so it would be easy to just give it to him. I do want to eventually be friends with him when should I try to intitiate contact?


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  • He was probably bored so he was just stalking you, Or it could be that he still likes you and will get jealous if you became mutual friends with guys on the dating site. To be honest I don't really know for sure.


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