Does how you act in a break up reveal whether or not you're over that person?

they say anger isn't the opposite of love, indifference is. if an ex is mean and angry during a break up, does that mean it's because they still have strong feelings?


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  • I believe that some people handle breakups differently then others. my ex boyfriend of a year was obnoxious during our breakup and that's me being nice. He broke up with me and showed me all kind of signals or being angry. changing the locks on the apartment door while I was leaving, calling me all kind of names and swearing at me. some people would say that he was doing that because he stopped loving me and wanted to prove a point that I should know not to call him ever again. I believe he was so upset that he just exploded and didn't know how to prove his point other wise. Our year relationship was very tense we moved in together just after a few weeks and he introduced me to his kids almost right away and we even talked about marriage a few times. Because men are known for stuffing their feelings and not talking they can act in ways that are abnormal. I think if a women was flip out I think it would be just as abnormal, but would only likely happen during PMS. Women generally talk and are much more sensitive then guys. Personally I wouldn't try and figure out if someone still loves you are not if they broke up with you because it will drive you nuts and I think its different for every individual.


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