My ex boyfriend said 'you didn't give me enough time to think' does that sound like he regrets breaking up?

So my boyfriend and i were going out for a whole year Feb. 2013-Feb. 2014. Pretty much he works from 2:30am-2:30 pm and has an emt class from 6:00-10:00pm, some days from 4:00-10:00pm. It's his 3rd time taking it. it was his first serious relationship.

Well everything was going fine, his whole family loved me. He wined and dined me on Valentine's day this year. The next day was our anniversary. BUT he didn't start acting weird until the week after which was the week his school started again. He told me 'we're not going to see each other as much blah blah.. I've been loving you like a best friend since January' !! then he asked for a break. So i was like wtf cause i didn't know where this was coming from. I met up w/ him 3 days later and he said 'i love you like a best friend you deserve someone that could devote their time for you' & he broke up with me.

We met up twice after. The first time he said 'i got scared that my feelings were getting too serious/the relationship was getting too serious'

i was still confused. the second time he said 'i love you like a best friend. you're beautiful. I dont mean to be selfish right now but i have to be and it sucks because its hurting you'

Which sounds like something a boyfriend says.

Either way, both times he said 'You didn't give me enough time to think' What could that mean?

his mom said that he asked her out of the blue if she's talked to me recently also.

There's sooo much more to this story but i can't fit it all in :(
His mom said that he's so exhausted that all he does is go to work, go to school, sleep and study. He's a really nice guy by the way, he doesn't party or anything.

Valentines Day

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  • You are being so selfish. He is getting 4 hours of sleep every night and all you care about is the fact that he is no longer dating you? Stay away from him.

    • no it's not like that! I feel so horrible about his situation, he and his family are going through hell. i just wanna i guess see if i could still have a chance with him once his school is over. I'm in love with him, i feel horrible that he has to suffer.

    • You might. I think he broke up with you because he couldn't handle having a job, going to school and dating you as well.

    • Oh i know that's the main reason why. There have been times where I've tried myself to only get 4 hours of sleep like him and do all of that. And i can't do it myself. It's just that everything else is completely throwing me off. :/

Valentines Day