if your s.o. has more pictures of their ex on fb than with you..is that wrong? and what if some were intimate ones?

in a relationship and your significant other has more pics up on fb with their x than with you would it bother you and how would you feel if there were a few intimate ones..


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  • As a girl I delete photos of my ex, but I also have friends that don't. It may not mean anything, but ask her to take them down and if she doesn't, something is up :/

    • i dont want to tell her what to do.. i have never done that with anyone although i did make it clear to her in the beginning only and recently on the sly how i feel on the subject of ex's i.e. i dont like it i personally dont stay in touch with em an x is x for a reason and i see no point in keeping the past alive.. moreover she recently bought a new phone and her phone synced all her fb pics to it and i remember her going through all the pics recently so im just pissed off at y wouldn't she take em down on her own..

    • ok so iv been with her 8 months she keeps talking about work all the time today when i finally asked her about the pictures she did delete em , not sure which ones haven't checked but she told me its her x's aunty's pub and she still sees him occasionally...seriously now im confused

    • With my friends it just doesn't cross their mind to take them down. I'm friends with some of my exes, we can be friends because I really don't have any feelings for them whatsoever. I can't say your gf is the same though. Maybe just tell her how you feel and if she cares she'll do something about it

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  • Well for me who cares. 1. It's Facebook I'm pretty sure half the people I'm friends with I've met once or never. The other half are people I never talk to or people I don't talk to anymore. Then there's a small percentage I actually give two shots about. What I'm saying is your making a mountain out of a mole hill as soon as the word Facebook pops up. 2. Your girlfriend has an ex which means she dated him which means she has feelings for him. If she doesn't she's a psychopath and you probably need to run. Feeling attached to an ex is normal and can't be avoided so you just gotta get past your fear. Because that's what it is. Your afraid she cares about her ex more which leads me to 3. You can't control her not do you want to. Let her make her own choices if she wants to go back to him let her you'll be okay and you'll find someone knew. Keep your self-esteem high. And self-esteem is about knowing that if things go bad you'll eventually get over it and things'll end up okay and I'm stressing self esteem for reason 4. Don't give her a reason to go back. Stand up and be you. Their relationship ended for a reason. She's dating you for a reason. So be you the confident sexy you and old dude from the past will probably fade away to the back of her head but you let this paranoia set in and you'll make her start wondering about going back which leads to point 5. Stop assuming. Stop assuming that these pictures mean anything at all. She could've posted them a long time ago and completely forgot about. Just enjoy the moment and appreciate the girl for who she is not who she is to you.

    • 1. its not the paranoia about her going back to him or anyone else for that matter
      2. i dont know how ago they dated she's never talked about her past
      3. im on diferent continent and he's in the same city
      4.i dont intend to control her or ask her to take pictures down. i just wanted an opinion as to whether its normal or not to have old pics of past relationships up as far as i can see its only this one x whos pics she has up on fb..

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    • if she feels the same y would she not even talk about her past? i dont even know the names of any of her ex's.. apart from the one that she has pictures with on fb that too coz he was tagged in it

    • I don't talk about my past unless someone wants to know. I've never left a relationship without at least a little sadness, guilt, regret or something I'm not just going to go bring it up and throw it at people. Now if someone wants to know I'll tell but I'm not just going to volunteer the information. I don't feel like reliving it. I'm just saying you rarely have relationships that you don't care about and ending those relationships doesn't just give you a clean blank sheet. The feelings have to fade with time. The pictures are just that pictures. And for whatever reason she hasn't taken them down. Could be something but chances are it's nothing and it's better to just focus on what is rather than what could be. If you like her then trust her. Things will probably end up fine if they don't you'll hurt a little but you'll get over it and with time you'll be just fine. But still chances are it's nothing.

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  • Ask them to take them down. They can keep a few pictures from a past relationship, but that needs to be in a memory book somewhere for their eyes only. (And zero intimate ones. Period)

  • Not necessarily I don't really expect all the pictures to get deleted. So maybe we just haven't been together as long and this less pictures

  • Well if some one keep theirs pass on public, it mean they think about that !


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