Ex suddenly trying to get attention on Facebook again?

My ex-girlfriend broke up with me about 2.5 months ago (we were together for 6 months) saying she is not sure if she loves me and that our relationship feels more like a friendship – I am too relaxed instead of shouting back like her ex. I was initially hurt, asked her if she wanted to try one more time (of course she said no) so I stayed non-contact and focused on myself. Her parents loved me saying I treated her very well. (looked after her, paid for everything as I have a good job).
I am in a good place now. Looking better, fitter than ever before and out enjoying my life. She spoke to me on FCB a few weeks ago asking how I am but started to get mean as she didn’t like the way I was slowly gaining my confidence. I told her I miss her at times and I still care for her but focusing on my life now. Then I blanked her as it was hurtful.
I am now starting to get joke comments on my FCB (Facebook) suddenly from her. E.g. I posted this Aliens art photo and she tried to make jokes about it, how she preferred her classical artists and how I didn’t know Frederic Chopin etc. all in a friendly way. I was shocked to hear from her but was polite.
Then today, I posted this survey which said my ideal city is Barcelona. She had to add comment saying mine is Amsterdam.
I don’t even follow her on FCB anymore. I have moved on and happy. She is probably dating again but why would an ex start doing this again?
How would I know if she is being just friendly or has a hidden agenda? I won’t mind being friends with her again at some point as we had good times but I would not want to be played as well.

What signs should I watch out for? Thank you!!!


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  • Well two things. 1. Your gaining confidence and you say you don't want to date he again if that's true then quit caring what she does. If she wants to be nice that's fine let her but you don't have to do anything in response at all. That's what being friends is about kindness without expectations or obligations.
    2. You'll never know if she's being friendly or has a hidden agenda. That's the problem with not being psychic you can't read minds but the thing is you don't need to. Keep building that confidence and if you build it right and you find out she's playing you in the end you'll walk away with minor damage that'll heal up so quick it'll shock you. Causes that's what confidence is all about resilience and courage in the face of uncertainty. You've got this man.

    • Great advice. Thank you. I will keep going regardless. I have come very far so there is no way I am going back! Maybe she was annoyed that I got over her quite quickly. I will do it for me! :)

    • You are so right. I took your advice and only focused on myself and building my confidence. She tried to play me and bring her new date to the party to make me jealous etc but I was fully prepared for it. I just smiled, greeted nicely and went back to my friends and had a great time. I will keep going. Thank you!

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  • She may have renewed interest in the new you.

    • Thank you. Will see :)

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