Been broken up with ex for 2 months, still some unanswered questions that I'd appreciate advice on!!!?

Long story short, my ex girlfriend (age 22) put up a lot of red flags (telling her ex I'm clingy, flirting with other guys, blah blah blah) while in our year long relationship. Eventually I (age 20) decided to end it, but she begged and pleaded with me to not give up on her because she loved me. Cut to 2 days later when she came over my house and broke up with me saying she needed "space" and time to find herself. I found out 2 weeks later that she was having relations with a guy she once told me, "she had a crush on but would never act on it," and had to use Plan B the morning after through a mutual friend.

It's been two months now, and I'm still hearing her tell people that "I'm stalking her life" (Which i'm honestly not). I'm honestly not trying to get back with her in any shape or form, but I am trying to remain civil with her because of all our mutual friends. Yesterday I sent a simply text to her asking how her family was and it was completely ignored. Just wondering what might be going through her head right now? Does she feel guilty for putting me through hell, or does she simply not care? She deleted me off of all social media, but left all of my family, and I've noticed her best friend seems to be creeping on all of my posts and pictures.
I also should note that when we initially broke up she constantly said she didn't want to lose me in her life and that she cared for me. (Lies?)


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  • Maybe she wants people to think your obsessed with her instead of people thinking its her she's making you look like the bad one i would stop trying to communicate and stop trying to be a friend because the more you do the right thing it comes off as you being a stalker or looking like one just for asking her a simple question she's playing games its just to much to deal with well i think any guy should put up with you walking away will maybe help her in figuring out not only herself but what she wants from you and her friend could like you some exs do try to get there ex boyfriend to hook up with there friend just so they can get some information on how your doing and then they get back to having feelings for you people are complicated now a days lol but seriously stop talking to her because she's making you out to be nothing your not and well i think she stops caring when there's another guy in the picture and only cares when she's lonely or needs someone to be there for her cause ik if she didn't have anyone there for her she would run back to you looking for love and support and someone to be there you can't always go back with a girl who keeps slandering you as a person and calling you a stalker is slandering your character as a person especially when your not simple things like that can lead to more on a person life drama and i think u should move on hun


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