Does my ex want me back? Can't tell, need female help?

Ex and I broke up months ago, probably 8 months or so. 2 months ago we started talking again after no contact between, we were both in relationships when we started talking again and actually became pretty good friends and helped each other both go through bad breakups. The two months we were talking, we only hung out like once, but talked a lot on phone and texting.

Her and I have had a weird week though that makes me wonder what her intentions are now.

Thursday she invited me to her place, her and I make out and go a little further than that, but she stopped before going all the way because her brother was staying with her and she was worried he would hear or walk in on us. Friday night she called me and we talked on the phone almost two whole hours. She had been casually seeing this other guy, but she told me a bunch of stuff about him that she didn't seem really interested. Her ex was also contacting her a lot and her family got a PPO against him.

I wake up Saturday morning and she had updated her fb profile as in a relationship with that weird guy. I called her out and she said she did so her mom stopped asking her who she was on the phone with all the time, because her mom was mad she still talked to her ex sometimes, and that she also talks to me a lot (her mom likes me though, but I guess everytime she is on the phone, her mom thinks its her ex and bugs her), and thought if her mom saw she was in a relationship with that guy, she'd stop grilling her everytime she was on the phone.

Last night she called me again, and then asked if I wanted to Skype. We skyped for about an hour, and she was laying in her bed the whole time. I have never gone on Skype with her before, even when we were dating.

So is she like slowly moving towards wanting to get back together with me, or is she just so confused and trying to keep a bunch of options open right now? Or maybe anything else? Ladies?


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  • From what you have said I would guess that she is either keeping open a whole bunch of options or just really confused. Unless you are just looking for a friends with benefits kind of thing I would friend zone her and move on.
    Another thing to mention is that FB makes both parties agree to relationship party change, so I wonder what the other guy was told. Sorry to say but to me it seems that she could be leading on one or both of you.


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  • I think she wants to give it another crack with you


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  • Sounds like my relationship I had with my ex. She sounds confused, maybe playing both of you and keeping her options open but you need to look after yourself as she is in a win-win situation. Focus on you, stay friends, don't close doors on other women and have fun. If you guys work out, great. If not, you didn't waste any time.


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