How do men react when there done.?

How do men react when they are upset? When a man is done with you wouldn't he just ignore your text and your calls no matter what? Wouldn't it even be easier if you didn't live in the same state? What makes them call you names and act like they hate you say things you know aren't true? If someone didn't care wouldn't they just not bother with you? Anger is a emotion so why feel anger if you no emotions or feeling for a person?


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  • You will feel a total, complete, and undeniably severance of his soul form yours. You may try desperate to get it back, but once you have hurt/ angered him like that- it's done. It can be repaired, but he has to be willing.

    • Then why even respond to me? Why not just ignore me? Why be mean if I'm being nice?

    • Because it reinforces the hate he has generated in his heart for you. He feeds off of it to ignore whatever connection you did have- because it is not easy to just forget. So he calls you names to others (Demeaning you) and hates you, for reasons that are probably not true. Don't think that there's a chance, especially if you're going to be bitchy/ resentful.

    • The fact that he felt like he didn't wAnna be with me anymore isn't what bothers me. He's not the only one in the world. I'll never be rude and disrespect someone I'm not that low of a person. I don't believe in putting other people down people who do that are insecure and have issues with themselves and take it out on others. No need to be disrespectful to others if you have nothing good to say don't answer me that's how I see it.

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  • when im upset I just get angry and need some personal/alone time or time with close male friends.

    Your question is really vague. Im imagining a guy has gotten angry with you for some reason, im going to guess its over another guy, if that's the case then the guy who got angry has some form of feelings for you. Whether they're brotherly or something more I don't know.

    • It's the guy I really like.. He lives out of state we have been talking on and off for a whole I went to go see him about three weeks ago I didn't sleep with him I think he felt like I rejected him I don't know but I just wasn't ready to take that step with him. After I came back I was so upset I text him and wasn't so nice I know it was wrong I was just really hurt. He had said b4 I left he would never answer me again but he did every single time. Even thou he's not being nice but he still responds.

    • just explain that you weren't ready and you were sorry if you gave the wrong impression. Getting angry and name calling etc never helps a situation like this. Keeping a level head is the best thing to do.

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