Christians fail again ignorance runs high with the "All knowing Father"?

So I asked some Christians about their religion. I asked them

How Christianity effected society through history. What role did it take place in art history and how did the use of older works from civilizations prior inspire it's current being.

How was the bible formed and why was Christianity original formed? How did, who did and when did it get decided to make one unified bible? Who made the choice to remove and exclude certain texts from the bible?

How did the roles of kings and queens effect how the bible was spread throughout the world? How did/does older faiths that predate the Christianity, Predate Egypt even effect the bible?

Ok how does two goats having sex near a bush alter their biology?

If God is Almighty and powerful than how did he lose a wrestling match with a moral man? If the entire world was flooded how does 90% of the worlds sea life still exist? ( if you know basic marine biology you would get this )

But apparently them not knowing much of the Bible makes ME the bad person? How because I know more of history than you?
"History is written by the victor", well if the church is so massive that would mean Its writing history and even then you still dont know it!

It's like having an American run for president who doesn't know American History. Does not know how the government is run. But hey he knows a few lines from Pearl harbor!


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  • "Ok how does two goats having sex near a bush alter their biology?"

    I didn't really read past that part but I would like to know more about the 2 goats that had sex near a bush.

    • Cool thanks for BA, but I am still left wondering...

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    • Jacob also wrestles with God all night on the ground and wins.

    • Ah ok that's interesting.

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  • Why does Christianity fill your thoughts so much and why is everyone always trying to prove Christians wrong? If you don't agree with the religion then don't focus on it. Focus on yourself and further the knowledge of your own beliefs

    • Who knows, Let me as the millions of ancestors who died just because they wanted to live their lives without being forced into slavery.

      let me ask the great thinkers who had great ideas and were then killed for them.

      But first I will ask the innocent women who were cast into a lake to drown out of superstition and lies.

      The world you live in now were you can ask "Why" was created because of those who put religion away. if not I would be killed. My family would be killed.

      if the world was truly ruled by the church I could send a letter to the gov, say you dont believe and they would drag you off and burn you tied to a stick.

      Religions of today should THANK those for ignoring their books. Questioning their books. If not you would not be living in the world your in now. Religion would not mean the same thing as it does now.

      You can't join the Neo-Nazis and pretend they are all for love and teamwork. The Nazi history is just as bad as the one of the church.

    • There have been some amazing scientists, philosophers, and leaders in general who have given us the ability to question. Still, a significant portion of the world lives in society where they cannot do that. Often times the controlling force is of a religious nature, but not always.

      If you really want someone to thank that is still alive and well, thank the thousands of individuals who have created what we know as the internet. They come from all races, sexualities, nationalities, and yes...religions. It is the internet that will carry the gift to question and the gift of knowledge to those who have never had that opportunity.

      Don't become yet another casualty who has forgotten the individual and taken the easy road to blame a group.

    • "Don't become yet another casualty who has forgotten the individual and taken the easy road to blame a group." Tell that to me after you walk down the road dressed as a Nazi. Or the KKK.

  • Don't you have anything better to do with your life that put down peoples religion? What people believe is their business and no one cares what you think

    • Obviously they do. And so do you.

    • Oh really so your saying you know what it think now? Also im not getting into a debate with you because I can tell you aren't going to stop and are going to be annoying so bye

  • Why are you trying to start another religious fight on this site. Even as an athiest i think its not cool to start fights about that but its because they don't teach that stuff in Sunday school and people don't take the time to read the bible

    • Aren't you trying to start a religious fight by responding? Anyways, debating religion is not the worst thing in the world. That's like saying we shouldn't debate politics since we might make a few politicians but hurt.

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    • But apathy seems like the only wrong response. We have to confront religion, politics and all else with intellectual and rational argument. Only then do we advance knowledge, social progress, and more.

    • I dont care what people believe as long as they don't put it in politics you know.

  • Wow for an athiest, you must really care about God and Christianity if you feel the need to Constantly post stupid questions like this.

  • You dont want to know about their religion. You just want someone to argue with and to have the drama. Freedom of religion...ever heard of it?

    • Tell that to my Money.

      tell that to the girl who tried to make a club where people who were not christian could gather and talk.
      Before the school denied her rights. And once the law was almost involved was harassed and sent DEATH Threats from Christians until she had to give up her club and place to belong.

      Tell that to Christians whom use Tax dollars to build monuments. Use their numbers to try to make education less difficult because " Critical thinking " is "too hard" for students. And how Religion/History is forced constantly into a Science classroom.

      I don't know your education level but I know Creationism won't help scientist learn about biology and or ANY educational topic to help make new breakthroughs in society.

    • I feel sorry for sound like a very lonely person...just you and your money.

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  • To answer some of your questions. Exactly 2014 years ago Jesus died who appears to have been the Son of God this date was recorded because the earth stood still, went black and thunderstorms occurred like never before. The biblical works from those who followed and witness his works have been written from different view points some of the books are gathered together to make up a piece of work known as the bible. The bible is not the only biblical works.

    The bible was altered by King James ruler of the British thrown and he came to follow the teaches but did not like a few excerpts and omitted and changed a few things and his work are know as the King James version of the bible.

    The British dominated the world by using the bible as its reason for conquering lands, it came to be that the sun never set on the Kings dynasty and part of the acquisitions was Hong Kong under lease. Now today the Queen is the head of her Christian church. The United States came about from the British Throne and split from England for freedom of religion.

    The art in history and Jesus is Da Vince who was the beginning of medical science along with astrology bring reason and clarification through his art and drawings. He unlleashed a mathematical piece of art which depicts Jesus as being married to Mary Madeglin which controdict biblical works.

    Christianity was born from the death of Jesus and Peter was the keeper of his teachings and he creation of the Christ like church or Christians.

    You fail to see, God spoke over 3000 years ago about great dinosaurs and in the 1700's the first remains found. You fail to see about the year 200 LA and New York was describe, 1500 years before they existed. In the same period the internet was spoke of in biblical works and came into existence only30 years ago. Jesus had 3 brother who were held in the desert for 7 generations to now the 3 wealthiest countries on the planet with no army protecting them only God

    • Wrong on the king james bit. Well before that a group of leaders from all over got together. They made the choice of what books stayed in the bible and what ones didn't because the book itself was becoming too crowded with random stories. Like stories of angels having sex with humans and them giving birth to Giants and fairy tell creatures. Stories on how Adam and eve had children and they all were born from incest and so on. They removed the other stories and made one book to spread among them.

      Then you get to the translated versions of King james and so on.

    • Art history is much much deeper than what you said.

      Christianity was born between the fighting of whatever Jesus was the son of God or not between the jews. Jesus was killed because be broke law when he declared himself godlike pretty much.

      None of the books in the bible were written within Jesus's time because declaring him a "son of god" in itself was a sin at the time and would be murder. Christianity was a cult that grew over time.

      What is one way to get people to convert? By making their evil vengeful god the exact opposite. And then threaten them with pain and fear.

      How do you get people to believe anything today? Threaten them with fear. Obama being president? its the end of the world and blah blah. Guess what? people killed themselves thinking it was true.

    • Look in the bible "Satan" goes from a servant of God following his orders to his own super enemy. Well of course the earlier versions of him are pronounced Sa Taan ( "On" not ahh ). There are hints of Multiple Gods.

      "God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: "How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked?"

      "Give thanks to the God of gods, for his steadfast love endures forever."

      "For I will pass through the land of Egypt that night, and I will strike all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and on all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgments: I am the LORD."

      Early believers believed in Other gods. Dif groups of Hebrews/jews and so on all had their own god to worship and fought over whos God was real. original Hebrew states man created in "OUR" image.

      So once the Jews onto Christians became top dog they used their God as the Only god.

  • Yawn, what do you want, someone to praise you? Well here it is: Oh you are soooo smart, I see the error of my ways. How could I have ever believed those dumb Christian stories? I worship you O genius one!

    • No, I want you to learn about your own faith and stop making it look like such a joke.

      Worshiping another man is a sin.

  • The bible is like an apple license agreement. Scroll to the end and press accept.

    If you don't like it, deal with it. Religion dies as we educate and help the poor.

    • All you had to say was "Apple".

      I have seen people return Iphone cases because they did not fit on their iphone.

      Iphone already had a case on it.

  • This would be more interesting if there were any valid information in it.

    Israel ( Jacob ) was crippled from the fight, he didn't win, he was released at daybreak from the struggle.

    Judaism and the Torah are what you would attack if you wanted to talk about how Egypt interacted with the lore as "The Bible" in it's entirety wouldn't exist for hundreds of years.

    Historically Christianity has had an amazing effect on society. People are stupid and site The Crusades without knowing of the values behind the ethics and prosperity that resulted from Christianity's spread, much like other religions tend to show for.

    I didn't make it further. It was too boring and easy.

    • The crusades did nothing but attack a spreading kingdom. Tell that to the Dark ages aka the time when White Europe hit rock bottom. While the rest of the world was doing fantastic.

      You know how the Middle east became a super center for knowledge. New discoveries leading tot he advancement in mathematics making much of the math we have today even possible. Building temples that would have taken 45+ years in Europe done in a single year.
      The holy lands open for anyone to come and pray.

      Then one crusade after another killing, raping for the glory of god. The crusades were nothing more than a bunch of Egotistic Europeans seeing who had the most power/money to arm people and have them campaign. Until the middle east was left ruined. All the knowledge build their left with many people and what was the push that brought Europe out of the "dark ages" eating their own dung.

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    • Because the Dark Ages were "so Dark":

      I'm not even going to play with the official "Godwin's" of Christianity: The Crusades. Anyone who brings them up is pretty much ignorant looking for an easy win.

      This is no fun.

  • Spam?

    You have a lot of passion for your atheist beliefs, even if they don't make sense. I want to pass you some candy :)

  • History is overrated. I know what a bunch of old people fought about ohh look at me. Barf, American history was the class I hated the absolute most. History may be important but fuck American history.

    People should learn history I guess but it should have some kind of purpose. most history has almost no relevance to everyday life. Even then I think it should be integrated with other social sciences like sociology, anthropology, and culture studies.

    A lot of Christian scholars know a lot about Christian history and honestly Christianity is not a country it's a religion. Christians don't have to know that much history in order to practice religion only if they want to go into the intellectual aspects of it which aren't completely necessary.

    The history is something is only important if you're interested in the people but most Christians aren't interested in Christian history they're interested in how to follow God, what the Bible says about x, y, z etc


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